My first time smoking the ganja still ties into the reason I smoke it now. It was a long time ago and I was seventeen years old. My friends and I played in a garage band at my friends house. My cousin came to practice with a big fat joint. None off of us had ever tried weed, only having the occasional beer. so my cousin Rob sparked up the joint and everything changed. I remember sitting behind the drum kit and counting into Highway Star by Deep Purple. After a few seconds of the song we all burst out laughing. We were all stoned for the first time and I tell you it was funny! Later, when we regained our composure we actually played quite well. Actually, I found that I was more into experimenting and actually learned some fills I had some difficulty with before.


My First Time Smoking The Ganja

The music itself took on a whole new dimension. The music was intense and took on a magical mystical quality. I remember also that after a couple of hours we all ventured  down to the local pizza parlour. Never before had pizza tasted so good! It tasted like the best food in the world. Later that night, I took my then girlfriend Wanda down to the beach where smoked a joint and went skinny dipping. It was a surreal romantic experience to say the least. When I got home my father asked me what was making me smile. I told him “it was every thing Dad”. I went to sleep and slept like a baby until about 4:00 am due to bladder problems. It was then I had a very weird yet wonderful dream.

Life is but a Dream..

I dreamt I saved a drowning woman who was very rich. She was a beautiful Cyclops with one gorgeous giant eye in the middle of her perfect forehead. In a tree house full off raccoons she cooled me off by blinking rapidly like fan with her giant thick eyelash. Then, all off a sudden we were in a desert staring at very tall striped bag of popcorn. It toppled over and a snapping turtle crawled out. I then woke up in a cold sweat, I needed cereal badly! I still remember my first time toking every time I recall that dream. Many other times in my life the wisdom weed has played a significant role in my life. When I was in the band the Slug-nuggets we toured the world. Guaranteed there was always a spliff being passed around with us!

Time for Herb

Even my dog Doug came along for the trip with the righteous herb. Doug once even jumped into a canal to save a newborn baby in Amsterdam after we had all gone to the High There Cafe. In Lichtenstein the Slug-nuggets played to a sold out outdoor concert to seventeen thousand of the visually impaired people. They loved our hypnotic bass, heavy sound. The whole stadium was swaying with our ganja mind vibrations. What a sight to see! I quit the band after we played at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. I was hit in the eye with a wine cork after we played and needed some time off. The Caribbean is a great place to recuperate, so I headed to Jamaica. With the eye patch I was soon nicknamed Pirate Mon’.

Island Time

After six monthsI had dreads, was brown as a biscuit and happy as a clam! Sitting in a palm tree, listening to tropical music and smoking Lambs Bread ganja sped up my recovery exponentially. I finally came home and decided to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. Something I always wanted to do. It was on one of my calls that I met my future wife. Gertrude opened the door and there were hearts in my eyes as I gazed upon a beautiful 350lb women in a floral bath robe and hair curlers. She was wearing a green kelp facial mask that really accented her under bite. It was love at first sight. Gertrude did not speak English, but this did hinder our burning desire for one another. Plus, she made better waffles than The Haunted House Of Pancakes. Smoking ganja is still something we enjoy to this day!