Fire OG ReviewFire Og is one powerful herb with over 20% THC  and includes a CBD value of 0.36%. A mix of Og Kush and San Fernando Valley Og Kush. This high can last a long time. Sometimes as long as 4 hrs. It only takes a couple of hits from this citrus tasting hybrid treat to put you in a euphoric state of mind. These buds are crawling with bright red hairs and a nice white frosting underneath. This is a very relaxing herb and helped me deal with stress as you will see in the Fire OG Review.

Fire OG Review

I was about 20 miles from the town of Coranando cruising along in the hot summer sun. The road ahead was shimmering with a mirage like heat when my 78 Pinto broke down for the 84 time. It was my mothers old car she left me so it had sentimental value.  I stuck out my thumb and within15 minutes I was picked up by an old pickup truck and hopped in the back. There were two buck toothed hillbillies Jack and Bob who were very friendly along with the 30 chickens.

New Life


They soon pulled out a fat joint of Fire OG and soon we were laughing and telling jokes. Once in Coranando I stopped by the Dew Drop Inn Cafe and ate a whole sweet potato pie and 5 cups of coffee. That Fire OG gave me quite an appetite. I took a walk around town and decided to stay. I ran into Jack and Bob and had another toke of Fire OG. They gave me a job building log cabins and growing herb. You never know what’s around the corner in life. This is what is so special about this time on earth. You just never know, do you ?


Fire OG has some fine medicinal qualities that include uses for stress, depression, Pain, headaches and insomnia.