Fire Bay is a potent strain that will fire down on your senses unlike anything you have ever smoked. 24% THC levels make this award winning strain one of the strongest on Earth. But Fire Bay is not what you think. It is a particularly unique strain in it’s firepower. Let’s find out in this  Fire Bay Marijuana Strain Review. 

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This is a crazy powerful strain. The name is very strange. At first I thought it’s a pretty cool name for a strain. But what does it mean? I figured it was probably the place the cross breeders came up with it. So, I did some research. I was not able to find a place on the map. So, I went to Wikipedia. It turns out Fire bay is not a pleasant place.

In fact, it’s not as much a place as it is a thing. A fire bay is a trench where soldiers dig in to get a good vantage point to take out an enemy position. It typically has a parapet, or roof, to conceal it’s position.

So, basically you really better hope you never come across a real Fire Bay. Otherwise it will probably be the last thing you ever see. However, the strain is so much more fun. Let’s check it out. 


Fire Bay Marijuana Strain Review 

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Your brain will feel like it is under attack from a Fire Bay when you smoke this stuff. The THC is an outrageous 24%. Moreover the sativa dominance is 90%. This is total head trip. Good luck finding it though. It is very rare.

The strain itself is shrouded in mystery. The genetic origins are unknown. Although the common consensus is that it is most likely born of Fire OG and Bay 11. That makes sense. Also, the characteristics are very Kush. Aside from the obvious medical virtues that Fire Bay provides is the actual high. The high is very potent.

In fact, it’s one of the strongest strains on Earth. The taste is minty and earthy. I would only recommend this strain to the most experienced user. Otherwise, you might come under fire from every direction and get your head blown off. Tread slowly soldier.