Fighting depression with cannabis. Well there are quite a few strains that help to alleviate depression! In this day and age, life in general produces stress and depression like never before. There is a myriad of drugs pushed by pharmaceutical companies that try to deal with the growing problem. Have you noticed most all of television commercials are for drug companies? Some are anti-depression medications. The side effects of most of these are horrendous. Although they might have some positive results on some. Many are addicting and can make depression worse, with some patients it can even lead to suicide.


Fighting Depression With Cannabis

Cannabis has been known to help with depression. However, it is not a cure all for every type of depression. There are many types of depression. Some are caused from a traumatic event of a loss, maybe PTSD from being in a war or natural disaster etc. Marijuana can be useful for some conditions of depression, just not all of them.

Another way marijuana helps to fight depression is in the world of professional sports. Many sports doctors prescribe the addictive opioid for sports injuries. So many professional athletes are becoming addicts. However, more and more of these athletes are turning to the natural herb that is marijuana. Not only for the safe alternative for their pain, but also for depression from playing such a demanding sport.


Dangerous Fake Weed

There is recently in the news a new synthetic weed that is very dangerous. They now sell this in convenience stores. Also known as Spice, among other names. An artificial cannabinoid, which are made in a factory, usually from China. This is one product nobody should try. There have been many deaths reported from internal bleeding to psychotic reactions.

Check out this disturbing article. Some of these reactions from fake weed are incredibly dangerous and bizarre in cases. Why some of these cases have led to violence and even self mutilation. This is a real danger for youth, as they tend to look for an easy, quick and cheap fix. There should honestly be a stop of this artificial, dangerous crap immediately.


Prescription Addiction

So many of the strains that have been found to relieve depression are usually low on the THC level. Harlequin has a 5.2 level of THC and is a Sativa dominant hybrid. I find specific strain lifts my spirits without the couch lock effect. Moreover this relaxing strain is good for any time of the day. Pennywise is another popular strain with a higher of THC level ranging up to 13%. Many people find this to help with anxiety and depression. Laughing Buddha, Sour Kush, Blue Magoo, Blueberry, Mango Kush, Og Kush and Northern Lights. These various strains listed are also high in CBD. These strains have been found to alleviate depressive moods. Marijuana is not a cure all, but is an alternative to look into if your present prescribed pills is not working for you.

For myself I can testify these various marijuana strains have helped me a lot with some of my stressful times. Why it was only last week that I arrived home early only to find my wife in bed with my neighbours half brother Gilbert. To say I was hurt and horrified would be an understatement. I ran down the stairs only to trip on our kids toy and tumble down the stairs and sprain my ankle. I keyed Gilbert’s car on the way out. Jumped into my car, I drove back to work. It was then my boss called me into the office and fired me. I limped over to my cubicle with a cardboard box to collect my belongings.


Overcoming Bad Times

I was not in a good frame of mind if you can imagine. Just before I left, giving a teary farewell to my fellow colleagues, I went to the bathroom. It was then that things became worse as I was peeing what felt like molten lava. It seems my wife’s new lover had given her the clap, which she the had passed on to me in the last few days.

So when I hobbled back to my car I was not only fuming in my head, but the nether regions too. To make things even more outrageous, my tires had been stolen from my car and my windows smashed. I called a taxi and then waited for quite a while. It was while I was waiting for the cab that I got robbed by gunpoint by a gang of street hoodlums. Left with nothing I had the taxi to take me to my friend Smedley’s house on the lake. I needed to talk to someoneI trusted before I lost my mind.



It was the right choice. Soon Smedley and I were sitting on the back deck having a toke of Pennywise. With the intelligence of Smedley, and the soothing effects of the herb, I had a plan to rebuild my life. Now I know personally that the herb is helpful in my depression. Life has many twists and turns. Marijuana has helped me with depression. This could be of help for some types types of depression as opposed to prescription drugs. I hope you tell your friends that fighting depression with cannabis is real and could help them or someone they know!