Famous Pot Smoking Authors

“To be or not to be Stoned?” That is the question. And the answer is, “Stoned.” Of course it is. Chances are, if you’re an avid reader, one of, if not most of, your favorite authors enjoyed the many benefits of marijuana. It may surpise non-users to learn that most of your heros and famous authors used marijuana regularly. Conservative people and those who oppose cannabis have no idea what a major role this magical healing herb has played in our literature, laws and history. Our founding fore fathers enjoyed weed. As did the greatest and most prolific writers over the last 1000 years. Famous Pot Smoking Authors are in great abundance. And we are all better off as a result.

The nay-sayers who have you believe that marijuana makes people lazy or causes them to perpetrate criminal acts. Nothing could be further from the truth. The demonization of marijuana was one of the first great smear campaign against the American people. And to this day we are fighting to shine a light on this horrific stain against us. Today we are looking at authors who smoke pot. This includes not only authors who pen fantasy and throw away novels. But also the authors of poetry and drafters of our very laws and constitution. Let’s look at a few of these Famous Pot Smoking Authors and shed light on an otherwise dark cloud on our very history and identity.


Founding Fathers

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were big proponents of marijuana. Not bad for our first President. How about Jefferson, the guy that wrote The Declaration of Independence? That’s right folks. And the list goes on. How about Benjamin Franklin? The guy who discovered electricity and single handedly won America’s Independence? He loved the weed. Franklin was a prolific author unlike any other. He started the first newspaper and paper mill in America.

Ben printed Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” on hemp paper. That pamphlet is known as the defining writing that started the Revolution and led to our freedom. He was no slacker folks. He also wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac. A guide for Farmers to understanding weather and an aid in crop production. Incredible. Also he invented the stove and bi-focal glasses, not to mention his poetry, books and diplomatic prowess. So tell me again how cannabis is bad? It is not.

George Washington wrote specific instructions on how to grow and harvest cannabis. Jefferson was also a big fan of cannabis. He actually smuggled hemp seeds into the country. He even invented a machine specifically for crushing hemp for production and smoking. Best of all, he has a great quote. He once said that “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda smoking hemp.” How’s that for cool? Our 4th President Madison, known as the “Father of the Constitution, once said, smoking weed “inspired him to found a new nation.” Where did we go wrong? The list of Famous Pot Smoking Authors is endless. Other Presidential authors include JFK, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barrack Obama. And they all smoked illegally.

Stephen King and J.R.R. Tolkien

Here are two pop culture iconic authors who smoke pot. They represent two of the most commercially respected and successful authors in history. And of course you might consider putting J.K. Rowling in this group. But she has yet to admit smoking. This is due to her young audience. However , if you have read the Harry Potter series you know better. Tolkien wrote of dragons and, and hobbits and pipe smoking Wizards. In fact the hobbits passed the “pipe weed” around. Make your own assumptions.

And Stephen King? Well, let’s be serious. If you have read any of his work you know he had to be stoned out of his head to come up with some of those horrific scenarios. These authors have all admitted to smoking. So the crazy novels don’t insinuate pot smoking. They are self admitted writings that exist due to the creative powers of weed.

William Shakespeare

The most prolific writer in history enjoyed the creative benefits of cannabis. His poems were written on hemp paper. In fact, Hemp and cannabis were wildly used in Elizabethan England for all kinds of applications. So if the folks in merry ole England were growing massive amounts of marijuana for fabric and papers it is obvious some of those papers were for poems, others were for rolling doobies!

Shakespeare not only produced more stories than any other famous author, his stories rhymed. Think about that for a minute. How much time and thought go into rhymes and timing? He even wrote in iambic pentameter. That means each sentence and paragraph had exact amounts of syllables. That is insane. So to say cannabis removes motivation and dulls the brain is simply ludicrous. Pipes were found in William’s garden that later tested revealed he even used cocaine and hallucinogens. Put that in you pipe and smoke it!

Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo

All high school students in the USA were required to read these classical master’s works. These eloquent authors wrote the masterpieces that shape our College and University curriculums to this day. Dumas wrote The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask and dozens of other great novels. Victor Hugo, of course. penned The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables, not to mention a library of other works. These authors were European royalty. Doesn’t look like cannabis usage impeded their creativity or ambition. In fact, the pattern we are uncovering here is quiet the opposite.

Hunter S Thompson, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac

These famous authors who smoke pot were real cultural game changers. They led the 60’s revolution and opened young minds to a new world. The Beatles had conquered North America, young people were protesting the Viet Nam War, the sexual revolution was in full swing and authors like Thompson were documenting the drug induced realities in the novels. He made no attempts to hide his love for weed. He was politically active in leading the legalization movement.

Kerouac planted the seeds of adventure in high school students throughout the nation when he wrote “On the Road.” The book would go on to be known as the Bible of Drug Culture. The youth of America had had enough of old white men passing laws and restricting freedom. Women’s lib was in full swing, Woodstock changed popular culture and marijuana was back.

And then there were the beat poets. And their king was Allen Ginsberg. His works like Howl explored marijuana culture and drug trips. He was very outspoken against the government and played a key role in marijuana’s popularity. Ginsberg inspired a generation of pot smoking poets and writers. Along with Bob Dylan, he really got kids to listen to the words, words that made a difference. Love songs were dead. Times they were a changing.

Famous Pot Smoking Authors Game Changers

Cannabis is the game changer. Centuries of religious and social repression have slowly been exposed and destroyed by pot smokers. Marijuana opens and frees the mind. It wasn’t just the authors, although the pen has proved to be mightier than the sword. It has also been the singers, our leaders, the builders of empires and more. Science has proven that cannabis is a super creativity booster. And that cannabis is good for you. So smoke a little today, grab a pen and become one of the next Famous Pot Smoking Authors.