Do you want to get “wrecked?” Well, welcome to our Facewreck Haze Marijuana Strain Review. Does a 25% THC level sativa dominant strain sound good enough for you? Well, trust me this stuff does the trick. Mostly, Facewreck is not for the casual user or newcomer. Therefore, this is more for the Keith Richards or Snoop Dogg type of smoker, like myself. I’m a seasoned smoker. And a very well seasoned pot smoker. I have been an everyday pot smoker for decades. So, I know how to handle potent strains. Well, I took 3 hits off the bong.

Facewreck Haze Review 2“Facewrecked” doesn’t begin to describe how we felt. My girlfriend and I were planning a romantic night home alone without the kids. I had picked some weird movie in Spanish to watch. We even had the popcorn already to go. Then we smoked Facewreck for the first time. Well, needless to say we never watched the movie. My girlfriend spent most of the night walking around trying to remember what she was supposed to be doing. I couldn’t even concentrate on music videos on Youtube. Also, I was paranoid for about 2 hours. Then I finally settled down. I would not recommend using this before heading out to party.


Facewreck Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Facewreck Haze Review 3

If you like sativa strains this is a great one. It has just the right amount of sativa at 70%. This allows the 30% of indica to give you a great little body buzz while your mind drifts aimlessly among the clouds. But Facewreck is all about the THC. You won’t find a more potent strain.

Facewreck has 25% THC levels. The parents of this strain are Trainwreck and Face Off OG. You need to be careful while smoking this strain. Even the daily user will find themselves couch locked if not careful. It got me good. And I know better. I really like the taste, too. A very pungent aroma full of lemons hits your throat. And when you exhale you will taste nice earthy flavors.

Also, if you suffer from stress or are high strung, no more worries. Trust me. Facewreck is a powerhouse. So if you like getting really high pick up a bag today and start living like a Rock Star. I do.