Marijuana’s been an essential aspect of many different areas. Hence why enjoying art with marijuana comes as no surprise. Artists of a wide range, from music to theatre, to visual art can all give thanks to the multidimensional plant. Marijuana’s been proven to have a direct effects on senses and as well the way things are perceived. Therefore, to tap deep into ones conscious, what better than enjoying art with marijuana?

Enjoying Art With Marijuana

To begin, how many stoner cult movies can you name? Iconic phrases such as “dude”, “wow”, “trippy” and “far out man” are just a couple to name a few. Now why are these marijuana users experiencing the world in a way others are not? Well to put it simply, they’ve expanded their mind. Where plain, ordinary things are seen and appreciated in a different light as marijuana provokes a different frame of mind. One such famous marijuana activist, Charles Tart a PHD holder. Found that marijuana users are able to utilize marijuana in a way that they may visualize what they are reading. Similar to a projector, but where the mind acts as the projector and the eyes the intake point.

Enjoying Art With Marijuana – Psychedelic Art

Ever wonder why marijuana and psychedelic art go hand in hand? Well marijuana in fact heightens the sensory perception. In other words, marijuana permits an increased depth perception, along with a heightened visual acuity.  Another key aspects that marijuana allows colours to show more vividly. So don’t freak out if after a couple tokes that psychedelic painting begins to flicker and come alive. As stated previously, the famous Charles Tart performed marijuana studies. These studies found that after using marijuana, the subjects stated the images/paintings took on a three dimensional aspect. In short, the pieces came to life.

Enjoying Art With Marijuana – Music

Music especially can be more appreciated under the wonderful influence of marijuana. Such artists including the Beatles, Willy Nelson, Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead and many more used marijuana thru-ought their careers. Even more notable is the fact they credit the plant as their muse. What these artists have created over time is nothing short than utter genius. Even current artists such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Madonna and Snoop Dogg are all activists and proud of their muse. Marijuana allows the user to experience a deeper connection with the music as the plant can make things sound more intense, heavier and far out, man. Essentially marijuana acts as a psycho-acoustic enhancer. Meaning the plant enables the user to experience a broader spectrum, focus on and absorb something more.

Enjoying Art With Marijuana – Time

How else can one further their experience of enjoying art with marijuana? Well for starters, because marijuana has the ability to alter time perception. Music’s associated to time, hence why consequently music’s listened to differently. For instance, how many times have you got lost in something after a couple tokes? Whether than be in a song, in a drawing, cleaning or staring out in the great wide open and its felt like hours have gone by but only 10 minutes have passed? Marijuana’s accredited to this experience of a lapse in time. Marijuana has the ability to put its users in a relaxed state. This state allows the user to be present in the moment and also more receptive to the music. As thought by Dr. Walsh, a professor of psychology at the University of Vancouver in BC.

Dr. Walsh found in his studies using a machine that measures brain activity, an EEG (electroencephalogram). That there are three areas which become altered when marijuana’s used. These areas include the temporal area, which is responsible for processing audio. The parietal area, which is responsible for sensory perception and more. And lastly the occipital area which is responsible for visual. When these three areas are connected, the listener experiences an enhanced experience. For this reason its no wonder why so many people are enjoying art with marijuana! Who doesn’t want an out of this world experience, honestly!?