empire-works-ninja-turtle-bong-3If you are ready for some real fun then you need to check out my  Empire Works  Ninja Turtle Bong Review. If you are a movie buff, a Ninja Turtle fanatic or just a collector of master glass creations then you will want to add this one of a kind bong to your showcase.

Empire Works  Ninja Turtle Bong Review

The Ninja Turtle is a custom glass water filtration pipe that specializes in details. It is a highly functional Vapor Rig for oil concentrates.They start off by constructing the body of high grade scientific Borosilicate Glass. A sturdy rounded base acts as the mount. And it is finished with a flared mouthpiece atop a bent neck. The male joint is a nice 14mm with matching 14mm female dome. A 5 hole disc perc diffuses and filters the vapor for optimum smoothness. And, that is just where it starts to get interesting.

The pipe itself is equipped with a cool chamber at the top. It looks like a sewer grate until you flip it open. It’s actually a functioning dish for your concentrates and oils.  The dab holders match the dabbers. And the big round base has glass soda bottles a turtle and cool slices of pizza. The custom detail and attention to The Ninja Turtle Bong go above and beyond what you might expect. There are actually four very different models specifically designed for each Ninja Turtle. But first, let’s look at the common Ninja Turtle themes.

Ninja Turtle Individuality

Empire Works Ninja Turtle Bong ReviewThere are 4 models each themed after your favorite Ninja Turtles. And they are color coded, like the Turtles themselves. Of course, Donatello is purple. So purple runs throughout the colored glass. Each bong includes a dabber that matches each Turtles weapon. Therefore, Donatello’s dabber is a double sided Bo Staff with a big and small scoop on either side. Pretty cool huh ? Raphael comes with a red pitchfork dabber that looks like a Sai. Leonardo, of course, is blue. His dabber is bad ass Katana. Michaelangelo’s bong is orange. So are his extremely detailed orange nun-chucks dabber.

Just looking at these glass work masterpieces will take your breath away. But, it is not all about the looks. They are oil concentrate water pipes that work. Empire Works is a highly reputed glass company that specializes in details. And their Ninja Turtle line of bongs is proof enough that they are masters of their craft.

Fun But Expensive

Just look at the pictures. Or go to Youtube and watch how they smoke. I hope our Empire Works  Ninja Turtle Bong Review was helpful. I really like the whole rig. My only draw back is the price. It is very expensive. I worry about spending big bucks on glass pieces. Mostly because I am careless. But that is me. Also I am not a big Ninja Turtle fan. But I still enjoyed the fun that the Turtles add. And again, if you are a Ninja Turtle fan then you will need this in your collection for sure.  Happy Toking Friends. Go get a Pizza if you buy this. You are going to need one, a Big One, at least!