Emperor Cookie Dough ReviewWhy do a Emperor Cookie Dough Review? Because it is considered the STRONGEST marijuana strain on Earth. That’s right Folks. High Times dubbed it the “strongest” weed in the World in 2016. After knowing that, is there anything else that really need be said? It is the perfect dank and resinous buds. And if you smoke to feel the effects and get high, welcome to the mad mad world of ECD.

When I buy something I like to buy the best. When I do something I want to be the best. If there were two SUV s for sale and they both cost the same amount of money but one was bigger and had more extras which would you purchase. Well, its a no-brainer, right? Of, course it is. No one sets out to do a half ass job or buy a lesser quality product, ever.

So, when it comes to weed I smoke for one reason and one reason alone. That reason should be self apparent at this point. I smoke to get high. So, I want the very best weed I can get my hands on. Well, The Emperor is the strongest strain in the wordd. And in my opinion, that makes it the best. And I want the very best. I deserve it.

Emperor Cookie Dough Review

Emperor Cookie Dough ReviewThe Emperor is a hybrid strain. It is a combination of Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Both known for the strength. This is an Indica dominant strain. Although technically speaking its really a 50-50 split of Indica and Sativa. Its a soft green bud laced with yellow and orange hairs. The taste and odor are really great. So its not all about the high. The smell is sweet. And the taste is minty. Emperor Cookie Doughs a well balanced bud.

We haven’t even mentioned the THC level. Well, its a devestating 25%, at least. Oh yea baby, say good bye to all your problems. Moreover the CBD abd CBN levels can top out at 10%. The list of health benefits and medical applications are too long to go into here today.

Emperor Cookie Dough Review – Summary

So good bye to your blues, your pain and all negatives in your life when you spark this up, You will feel like an Emperor. Go for it. You deserve it.