Emerald Jack is a delightful cross between Jack Herer and Emerald OG. This fine herbage originates in California. Quite a potent bud that leaves me with a happy blissful feeling and creativity. Anytime you put OG in the mix you are assured of an astounding head buzz and body high. Also with a skunky citrus flavor and a woody pine like aroma. This ganja which is a delight indeed. I will tell you more in my Emerald Jack Review.

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Emerald Jack Review

It was Saturday afternoon and I had just toked some wonder Emerald Jack. The sky was blue and I had spring in my step. I had brought my dog Fleegle along. Fleegle is a Great Dane Chijuajua mix. She has a tiny body with 4ft legs and can run like the wind. I am breeding them for a living. I was giving them a little Emerald Jack in there dog food in the mornings because they are rambunctious critters. The weed settled them down and they were easier to handle.

So anyway that Saturday I was passing the bank as a robber was leaving with the loot. I told Fleegle to sic him. She took off like thoroughbred out of the gate. Fleegle grabbed the the thief with it’s little powerful jaws. Then hauled him down with her giant muscular legs. The money went flying everywhere. So it just so happened a bus full of little people were passing by and stopped and helped to subdue the robber.

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They also helped to collect the money on the street. Thank goodness for helpful honest dwarfs ! The police arrived on the scene. We were all given medals by the city Fleegle also was named dog of the year. The Emerald Jack Herb I’m sure helped with the outcome. Everything turned out just fine as it were !

Helpful Herb

This fine herb is also helpful wit conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, ADD, depression and loss of appetite.

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