Elvis Cookie Marijuana Edibles Review“Well it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready” and Grab the Cookie Dough.  The King is back and this time he’s in cookie form. Trust me. You “Can’t help Falling in Love,” with these Heavenly cookies. They really are fit for a King! So if you’re ready for a “Big Hunk o Love” enjoy our Elvis Cookie Marijuana Edibles Review.

What these cookies have in common with Elvis the Pelvis is decadence. No one one lived larger or was more decadant than The King of Rock n Roll. And no cookie on the medical edible market is more bakery fresh or packed with more delightful flavor.

Elvis loved food. His favorite sandwich was peanut butter, bananas, bacon and honey. This might explain why he ballooned into a blimp sized Elvis before dying. He was a weird guy in many ways. He was a black belt, an oddly religious guy and over all a pretty conservative man. So, I’m not sure if he smoked weed. But above all this he was the King. However he was sad and lonely. Too bad the greats have to give it all away so that we may smile. Well, “Are you Lonely Tonight?” You don’t have to be. Let The Elvis keep you company.

Elvis Cookie Marijuana Edibles ReviewElvis Cookie Marijuana Edibles Review

OK, so the only thing bigger than the King’s gold studded belt is the price tag. The cost is $225.00. I know that sounds outrageous. But is it? Well, that depends. It breaks down to about $22.50 per cookie. But prices of edibles are generally THC based. And we’re talking 1000 mgs here. So do the math. It’s not so bad. Really it comes down to quality.

This cookie is “Burning Love” people. They’re full of goodness. You will love the chocolate and white chips. Not only that but there’s banana chips and peanut butter chips too. You will love them. Trust me. Just don’t tell Grandma.

They use all natural ingredients that will have you “All Shook Up.” So only eat a half of one then wait an hour and see how you feel. My guess is you will grab your “Blue Suede Shoes” and dance the night away.