Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer ReviewIt is time to take a look at real innovation today in our Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review. First, this discreet little portable will change the way you vape. The creators at IpuffUSA have taken painstaking care to develop, what they consider to be, the most efficient computerized, convection vaporizer on the market today. Secondly, their main goal was to come up with a discreet, cool looking and functional portable that operates simply.

I first saw the Elevape at my buddy Julia’s place. She is more or less un-glorified connoisseur of vaporizers. Her upstairs lounge room is full of classic bongs and new vaporizers. She was excited to introduce me to her latest discovery. She handed me her Elevape Smart and said, “Have a go mate!” I looked at it baffled. I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. She repeated herself, “ Have a go, mate” I couldn’t see any buttons or knobs or digital read out.

So, I just put my mouth on the mouthpiece and jokingly took a hit. And, Holy Crap did I ever get a hit. I was shocked and delighted. We spent many long hours, deep into the night doing research for this review. And, the results are in. Let’s check it out.

Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review

This vaporizer was sleek, black and sexy, much like Julia. I was intrigued to learn more about both. But, I centered myself and turned my attention to the vaporizer. I was loving the fact that I could just pick up the Smart and puff without any thinking or operational tasks.  Putting your mouth on the mouthpiece and sucking instantly activates the heating coil.

Another aspect that you will notice right away is the solid build. This little portable is more or less indestructible. Moreover, it is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum. And, it comes with a life time warranty. The surface is finished with bead blasted, anodized matt black. The design is a simple, strong black box with no cheap plastic or moving parts. The Smart looks sharp on the exterior but let’s take a look inside and see how truly “smart” it is.Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review

A titanium alloy heating coil comprises the Brain. A microprocessor controls the element. The heating coil is wrapped up by a nice ceramic cover. This really protects the integrity of your vapor. It helps insulate the herb and keep out the toxins that so many other vaporizers put out. The microprocessor monitors the temperature and air flow and self adjusts over 100 times a second. This maintains a perfect environment for evenly burning your flowers.

Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review -More Specs

This is all nicely powered by a custom made, 6 Cell, 1200 MAH lithium polymer battery pack. The battery needs about 4-5 hours to fully charge. That is much longer than most vaporizers. However, the thing stays charged for at least a full day. I love that it heats up instantly, the second you put your mouth on it. Also, the Smart comes with 3 pre-programmed temperature settings.

What makes the Smart “smart?” Well, for one you can update software right off the IpuffUSA website. Make sure you register. Then, go to the site and see all the extras and cool features you can upload directly on to your vaporizer. A fully computerized vaporizer is bad ass. And, it can upload updates right off your laptop. If that ain’t the future of vaping what is ? Moreover, the modular design allows for super easy replacement of the heating coils. Combine that with the computerized updates and you seriously may never have to purchase another vaporizer for the rest of life. The Smart is smart.

Physical  Smarts – Conclusion

Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer ReviewFirst, the air path of this convection unit is solid stainless steel. You can drop it and it won’t break. This is a first. I have seen no other portable, that if dropped significantly, wont break. I like the magnetic lip that flips open exposing a very nicely sized heating chamber. This is sealed by a rubber O ring to ensure no vapor loss. The Kit includes an extra O ring. This is great. Because, they tend to loss their effectiveness after awhile. They also send you a flip top box with a packing tool, some spare screens and the other standards you would expect in any kit.

This Smart vaporizer has so many Pros. So, I am having a hard time finding any fault whatsoever. Especially relevant, is the “instant on, no wait time” is so cool I would recommend buying this for that reason alone. And, the digital interfacing with the IpuffUSA website is also such a cool feature that, that alone might be enough for me to again say, yes to getting an Elevape Smart. And, the fact that you almost can’t break the damn thing is pretty impressive as well. But, the vapor cloud is the most important aspect.

And, that reason, above all the other selling points, forces me to give this Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review the green light. I love it. I can see this technology overtaking the competition. What a great pleasure to do this Elevape Smart Portable Vaporizer Review. Finally, the Smart is smart. Hence, you would be Smart to Buy One! I did. And, I am very happy. $349 dollars is a lot of money for a vaporizer. But it’s worth it for the Smart.