Elephant Marijauna Strain ReviewHi Dumbos. Hope y’all ready for our Elephant Marijauna Strain Review. Because it is going to be a Big One. Hahaha, a big one, get it? A “Big one ?” OK ,OK I will stop. I am probably already driving you nuts. Hahaha get it ? Elepahants eat nuts. Ok, I m done, maybe. You are now witnessing the effects of Elephant Strain on my brain and this review. It is good stuff. The quality far supercedes my jokes. I don’t think any of you would disagree with me.

Elephant is aptly named as it is a powerhouse of a strain. It is 100% Sativa. Also, like Elephants, this weed is rarely seen. Chances are 99% you have never smoked it. It is as elusive as the African Elephant grave yards. It is very difiicult to even get good information concerning the strain. And good luck trying to buy seeds online. But, go ahead and Google it. I know you have already gone, searched and come back. So, I offer you this, ” Told ya so.” Now what I will do is tell you what I have been able to discover.

Elephant Marijauna Strain Review

Elephant Marijauna Strain ReviewThese buds are heavenly. They are long. That might be where the name originated as the buds are trunk-like. Of course, that is just speculation. If you have a better theory feel free to leave it in the comment section below. The buds are also just completely strewn with lovely orange hairs. And the buds are fluffy. The aroma is unique as well. It is sweet with overtunes of mint. It’s not like peppermint but “minty.” If that makes any sense.

This stuff is a total head high. But not trippy. Maybe the Elephant reference is due to the fact that Elephants supposedly have incredible sense of memory. I was able to super focus. It amost felt like the stuff was laced with Adderroll. I really like that it made me euphoric without making me dumb and paranoid. For me, that is the ideal high. Unless, I am specifically looking for a body high. But then we would be doing a review of an Indica.

Elephant Marijauna Strain Review – Conclusion

Overall, this is a sweet and very potent Sativa that tastes great. It is a perfect strain to start off your day. Especially if you have a shitty job. But best of all, it won’t make you a Dumbo.