Elephant Glass Pipe Review This is the perfect pipe. I love it. It is so accidentally perfect in design that I find no reason to spend a penny more than $40 bucks on a pipe. If this Elephant Glass Pipe Review does not convince you otherwise then you are sadly mistaken. Unless, you are looking for some extravegant or elaborate show piece you can not get a better pipe. It’s as simple as that.

One of the coolest books I ever read was Sara Gruen’s novel “Water for Elephants.” It was an amazingly crafted tale of circus life in early America. It is a fascinating book that really gives you a feel for what it must have been like.

The life changer was when an elephant had no water. He tried to reach the bucket but to no avail. When his cruel master takes a leave from beating him, he is dying of thirst. He then pulls the post he is changed to out of the ground and frees himself. Of course, he then walks over to the water bucket and drinks his fill of water. After that, he goes back to his “spot” and spikes the post back in the ground. How fucked up is that? In any case we have an elephant of that caliber for you, in pipe form.

Elephant Glass Pipe Review

Elephant Glass Pipe Review - Rose GoldWhat seems to be a gag, and it is, the elephant is the perfect shape for a pipe. The shape is that of an elephant. I know I sound redundant but that is the point. The shape of an elephant makes the best shape for a pipe. First, it has four legs. So the damn thing doesnt role off the table everytime Uncle Ding Dong laughs and smacks the table. Secondly, it has by definition a long trunk. Therefore you have a built in cooling pipe strictly by design. The Rose Gold color in the glass is cool. And it changes. Well, I guess that depends on the quality of your fat purple buds.

Elephant Glass Pipe Review

For $36 dollars you can’t lose. This a strong and durable Pyrex glass pipe. It is a handblown little household bad ass pipe. It looks cool. And it has a trunk that acts as a cooling pathway. You would be a Dumbo not to have this as your everyday pipe.

And finally, we all know that elephants are like apricots. They’re both grey. Well, except the apricot.