Elements Rice Rolling Papers ReviewFor many years now I have been using hemp based rolling paper. So the idea of doing an Elements Rice Rolling Papers Review was at first a bit daunting. The reason I use hemp is because it is all natural and it is essentially the same thing I am smoking. I have always rather enjoyed the idea of smoking marijuana in a paper made from marijuana. That makes good sense to me.

I thought it would be fun to give them a try, when I was asked to check out Elelments. They are made from rice. So I was eager to try that. And so I did,

Elements Rice Rolling Papers Review

It turns out Elements Rice Papers are just as natural as using hemp or a high quaity unbleached standard rolling paper. The paper itself is made of rice, obviously. And the gum used to keep the joint stuck together is mande from an all natural gum. So, the skeptic in me was quickly put at ease.

Elements Rice Rolling Papers ReviewThe papers are actually superb in pretty much every way a paper can be superb. The rice paper is super thin. I love that. I want as little paper as humanly possible when I am toking my cherished green herbs. Also the gum sticks really well. And continues to hold up while you pass around the joint. I hate when papers come apart during a session. Luckily that is not the case with Elements.

Also, the papers come in every size imaginable. And each pack holds 32 rolling papers. The taste is really nice too. The papers didn’t really taste like rice to me. Although I can’t really describe what they tasted like I can say that they did not taste like chemicals. So, that was another big plus for me.

The only real drawback is that they burn quickly. This is not because of the rice factor. It is because the papers are so super thin they obviously burn faster than a thicker brand. This is OK though. I prefer a thinner paper. And really they don;t burn so fast that you lose your weed. Overall, I really enjoyed Elements and I think I might even ejoy rice now more than Hemp. Way to go Elements, you have a new client.