Elderberry Elixir Marijuana Edibles ReviewDrink up the goodness. If you’re looking for a panacea you need our Elderberry Elixir Marijuana Edibles Review. This is a prescription for happiness and health, cleverly mixed into a wicked berry elixir. One elixir a day, will definitely keep the doctor away. Elderberries and THC, what more do you need to heal and enhance both your body and mind?

I really like this medical edible. Because that is exactly what it is, nothing more, nothing less. This healing remedy is not laden with sugar or other tricks to mask a cannabis taste or to make you feel like you’re not ingesting THC at all. It’s more like all natural food flavor drops that enhance any dish or drink. Or it is simply dropped directly into your mouth and the magic begins.

I no longer smoke for health reason we don’t have time to list here today. So, I need alternative options. Medical edibles have saved my life. However, part of my health problems force me to restrict my sugar intake. That makes most edibles bad for me. There are endless brownies, gummies, cakes and candies. However I can only use them in a very limited capacity. So, I need better choices like sublinguals and tinctures. Om Edibles understands that better than most.

Elderberry Elixir Marijuana Edibles Review

Elderberry Elixir Marijuana Edibles ReviewOm edibles is a very interesting company that emulates innovation and meticulous craftsmanship in all their products. Om is an all women’s collective right out of good ole California. These girls pride themselves on being the best in the business. And they’re quickly proving themselves. I recently did a review for Om Edibles  You can read that right here https://420.reviews/treehugger-cluster-marijuana-edibles-review/ But we’re here to talk about Elderberries, my new favorite.

Elderberry Elixir is a berry blast that packs 100 mgs of THC in a small 2 ounce dropper bottle. You will want to really be careful when experimenting with drops and elixirs. Think about it. Only a half ounce is 50 powerful mgs of THC. That is really strong. Really it is medical grade. Therefore, patients suffering chronic pain will want to try this elixir. And then there are the freaks like me that just like to get super high. Well, let this magic potion do it’s thing. And either way you are off to a better quality of living.