Ehle Ice Bong ReviewOur Ehle Ice Bong Review is in. And it’s a good one. The latest offering from our friends at Ehle puts a twist on and icy classic. This 471mm tall Ice Bong is sure to literally make your next party “cool.” There is no better way to cool off a nice hit of killer weed than to ice it down on it’s way to your mouth. And now with the Ehle it has never been easier.

I discovered Ice Bongs a few years ago and really there has been no looking back. I suffer from a very sensitive throat. It has been the bane of my entire smoking career. No matter how I try to smoke marijuana it is going to hurt. I know that. So I deal with it. I am never going to give up my weed.  It is the one thing that makes my life bearable. I can not imagine, nor would I want to imagine, a life without being able to get high.

If you think about the science of marijuana smoking it all makes perfect sense. Pipes are better than joints because you eliminate the paper. Bongs are better than pipes because you filter the smoke through water. So it makes pretty simple sense ice off your smoke and you get the best quality inhalation possible. If you know of a better way to get this done please let me know right away. My throat thanks you in advance.

Ehle Ice Bong Review

Ehle Ice Bong ReviewEhle has put a new twist in this bong. The glass stem is twisted perfectly to catch ice cubes. This is so much easier than trying to get ice notches to catch your ice cubes. Also those bongs with ice notches lose 90% of their cooling ability. This is because notches are on the sides of the stem. The Ehle traps the ice in the middle so the smoke hits every side of the ice cube. Makes sense right ?

The downstem itself is 111m long. Aside from that it is a very simple and straightforward bong. It is easy to clean and looks really sharp. There are no other gimmicks. This is functional. And although you may think this is not a collector’s piece. I beg to differ. It is a fabulous and functional bong.

The price tag is a bit hefty in today’s Ehle Ice Bong Review. At $255.00 dollars it is not the cheapest bong in my collection. Unfortunately it is also a bit fragile. So, this might not be ideal in a house where their are kids running around. But like any investment you will want to take care of this ice bong so that you have many years of cool and smooth smoking.

My final thought is that the Ice Bong is “Cool.” Enough said!