Edelweiss Marijuana Strain ReviewEdelweiss is a 21%THC level strain named after the beautiful Austrian National Flower. The buds are covered in a white frosty coat of trichomes. The strain is as difficult to find as the flower itself, unless of course you live on a Swiss mountain countryside. Today’s Edelweiss Marijuana Strain Review will showcase one of nature’s rare and powerful wonders.

Edelweiss was a symbol for resistance for the Austrians against Nazi Germany in WWll. Rodgers and Hammerstein popularized it in 1959’s The Sound of Music. But it wouldn’t be until Julie Andrews starred in the 1965 Cinema version that Americans would fall in love with the movie and the songs. This was the same time marijuana smoking was really catching on.

However it wasn’t Julie Andrews that sang Edelweiss. It was Christopher Plummer’s character that stole the show, literally. At the movie’s end, Capt. Von Trapp, Plummer’s character, sings Edelweiss to a group of Nazi officers while his family escapes through the mountains to Switzerland. The song was a slap in the face of the Nazi’s. This is because it represented Austria’s hate for the Germans.

Edelweiss Marijuana Strain ReviewMy mother played the original album while we were growing up. She loved marijuana too. Then my sister played the soundtrack from the movie so many times I could probably sing the songs backwards. Either way Edelweiss has always been one of my favorite songs. We still get stoned and watch when it comes on the TV once a year.

Edelweiss Marijuana Strain Review

This hybrid is 75% Indica dominant. But the best part is the strong THC level. It tops out at least 21%. It’s powerful. But it’s also harsh on the throat. I have a sensitive throat. But even my friends felt the same way. Also, the high is very heady. This is surprising since there’s only 25% sativa. It must be the THC.

If you are an every day smoker you will enjoy Edelweiss. If you like rolling joints I would suggest using high quality papers like Hempire¬†or Canuma both are pure Hemp rolling papers. I’ve written reviews for both. Read my Hempire review here https://420.reviews/hempire-rolling-papers-review/ Or my Canuma review here¬†https://420.reviews/canuma-pure-hemp-papers-review/. Go grab a bag. Download the Sound of Music. And have a wonderful night.