This Eagle Bill Strain Review is sure to excite and delight the most serious smokers. Eagle Bill Amato is a legend in the weed world. He is famous for a number of groundbreaking and game-changing feats in the cannabis world. And now he has been immortalized in the Eagle Bill Strain that bears his name. This is the first completely new seed variety released from Sensi Seeds in over 12 years. The last strain was the world famous Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. But today, my friends, we fly like an Eagle with Bill.

Eagle Bill Started it All

Eagle Bill Strain Review, Sensi SeedsEagle Bill is was as cool a cat as they come. He ran the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum for years with his pet parrot Sativa. Although, he was already cannabis royalty long before that time. This guy was like the Nutty Professor of Weed. His unprecedented experiments led to the entire scientific explosion in cannabis advancement that we enjoy today. In fact, he was the first guy to boost THC and create viable hybrids. When THC levels were around 4% in the USA in the 1970’s his strains were over 10%. That is one badass right there. Then the guy goes on 30 years later to invent vaporizers. I mean you have got to be kidding. We all owe Eagle Bill a moment of silence and our utmost respect and gratitude.  You should read his fascinating autobiography, “10% THC A Cannabis Tale.”

Eagle Bill Strain Review

The strain lives up to the legend. It was Eagle Bill himself who helped to create this hybrid for Sensi Seeds. This powerful Sativa is a result of crossbreeding some of the most potent Sativas on Earth like Jamaican Land Races, Colombian, Purple Haze and Thai. How’s that? The flavours are of the deep pine forest. In fact, one of Eagle Bill’s dying wishes was that his strain be vaporized to bring out the deep and rich flavour. The plants grow so tall they tower like forest trees. And the buds are fat, green and pungent. This is one of the best strains you will ever smoke. So, as Sativa, the Parrot used to say to the Museum visitors, “Wanna Get High?”