Phantom Farms is an Oregon based company that was founded in 2008. They pride themselves on producing a quality product. Organic methods in cultivation utilizing volcanic filtered water assures a pure and natural bud. Phantom Farms Dutch Dynasty is delightful uplifting Indica dominant ( 40% Sativa/60% Indica ) hybrid. Combining Blue Dream and Dutch Donkey this produces a nice even happy high. The buds are a deep green. crawling with bright red hairs and coated with frosty trichomes. The aroma is unique indeed. A marvelous mixture of berries and fresh earth. I find this a perfect toke for any time of the day. Let me tell you more about this exciting hybrid herb in this Dutch Dynasty Strain Review.

Dutch Dynasty Strain Review

Dutch Dynasty Strain ReviewDutch Dynasty you could say saved my life. I was at work last week at Smengy Paperclip Company. For twenty years I had prided myself in doing a professional job with my paperclip machine. Lately, however, I had a sneaking suspicion my wife was having an affair. So last week I got my finger caught in a machine, and after the hospital, I was sent home. It was then my life changed forever.

Dutch Dynasty Strain Review – Life Changing

So I arrived home to find my wife Zelda of 10 years in bed with my albino next door neighbor Hebert. I closed the door in shock and revulsion. The vision of the ghostly Hebert humping my wife was too much. I had just lent him my hedger clippers the day before. The dastardly bastard! I called the bass player Mr. Crickets from my band the Garden Slugs. He told me to come over right away for a toke. When I arrived he already had a bong filled with Dutch Dynasty.

Dutch Dynasty Strain Review – Calming

Soon after a few tokes, my nerves had calmed down, I was feeling relaxed and happy. Mr. crickets convinced me that Zelda was not worth any heartbreak. After a few more puffs of the Dutch Dynasty, I called up a wonderful woman by the name of Spanky Buttons. We are now in a loving relationship. I have now quit my job and am juggling cats on the street corner for change in my spare time. I don’t think I could have made it without Mr. Crickets and especially the calming effects of Dutch Dynasty.

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