Dragon Piss rolling Papers ReviewFor starters, I was a little put off by the name of these papers. I couldn’t help thinking what would Dragon Piss taste like. But the name alone was enough for me to order a pack and try them out. So I went online. Most of all, I was afraid to lose the weed if that were the case. I only had about 3 joints worth of weed left and was terrified risking my sweet OG Kush. So, I licked the paper and there was no taste. For that reason,  I assumed I was OK. And set off to prepare for our little Dragon Piss Rolling Papers Review.

I got my magic pot box out of the closet. Then I  settle down into my new Lazy Boy recliner. After that, I popped on a marathon of Game of Thrones. I figured it was the prefect theme for my first Dragon Piss experiment. Then I watched the epsiode where they had the wedding. Because I love the ending of that one. Everyone dies. Including key players. I love a show or a movie or book that has the balls to kill off the main characters without hesitation.

Then I had the joint rolled. I had a big glass of Coca Cola and some nachos on the coffee table. I was ready to spark it up. And spark it up I did.

Dragon Piss Rolling Papers Review

Dragon Piss rolling Papers ReviewThe joint lit. And I inhaled. And it was terrible. Luckily, it didn’t taste piss. That was a big relief. However, it may as well have. The joint went out after the first hit. That is a first for me. Then, I got it re-lit. It burned so unevenly my herb fell onto the coffee table. I was pissed off. And I am a very mellow guy.

Before I rolled up I was enjoying the papers. The packaging is very cool. The look and the design suggested a quality product. This was not the case. I liked all the wierd funny sayings written everywhere. But I quickly realized these papers were shit. Worst of all was how incredibly harsh they were. It felt like I was inhaling Dragon smoke, literally.

Dragon Piss Rolling Papers Review

These papers ain’t made of Hemp or Flax or Rice or doubtfully even wood. They are the worst rolling papers that I have ever tried. they look great and the packaging is great. The imbeciles that make them should have put a little time and effort into the actual product.

In conclusion, this review gets a Big Two Thumbs Down and one Big Middle Finger Straight Up!