Dr Roberts Coconut Mix Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe Doctor is in and he has healing baked goods for you. The good doctor knows how to treat ailments, both physical and mental. A good blast of THC in a scrumptious coconut bar will delight your senses. There are no illnesses that a little coconut, chocolate, butterscotch and cannabis won’t cure. So let our Dr Roberts Coconut Mix Marijuana Edibles Review prescribe a remedy sure to make your day.


Dr Bob became famous after retiring as a life long chef to pursue his baking dreams. His canna-butter quickly became award winning and he new his bakery would become world famous. And it has. The bakers at Dr Robert’s Bakery specialize in baked goods. They’re not known for the gummy’s and hard candies and all the spin off cannabis products that most companies pump out. This is all about fresh baked desserts that deliver on quality and taste. Trust me, anyone who tries a dessert from Dr Roberts always come back begging for more.

Dr Roberts Coconut Mix Marijuana Edibles Review

I love the recipes. Moreover, the coconut bar is just my thing. One coconut bar is more than enough for me and the wife to get super stoned and enjoy a high end dessert. This is a super recreational. We had nice little dinner put the kids to bed and then she made watch Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve seen better movies to say the least. But my Coconut Bar made it not only bearable, I actually enjoyed the movie. Of course, I don’t remember a damn thing. Well, except for the fact that I laughed the whole way through.

I like the packaging. you get 4 bars totally 200mg of THC. I find for recreational purposes a 50 mg bar is really great. Also, it should be noted that 25mg is more than enough for any daily user to get a really powerful buzz. So, 50mg is a bit of a commitment. You might want to save your Coconut Bar for a weekend night.  Let the good Doctor give you your medicine. Robert is one Doctor you will want to be making frequent house calls.