Dr Dabber Boost ReviewWelcome to our Dr Dabber Boost Review. Today we will take a look at a very innovative, portable dab rig. The nice thing about this dab rig is that is portable. And, the heating element is controlled electronically. If you are tired of the weak small hits, that almost all vape pens give out, then you are ready to upgrade to The Boost.

I am an oil and wax enthusiast. And Iike big clouds. I had tried many brands of vape pens until I discovered the joy of nails and oil rigs. There is no going back. So, let’s look at the good Doctor’s Boost and see if it is any good.

Dr Dabber Boost Review

First off, the price is good, really good. At around $155 dollars, The Boost is a great first vaporizer. And with the Boost you no longer need to torch your oil. That means a safer experience for starters. You no longer need to worry aobut melting the skin on your leg, or the enitre house to the ground.

Dr Dabber Boost ReviewA simple press of the button and your device heats up safely. The Boost comes with three different nails depending on how you like to dab your wax or oil. There is a titanium nail, a ceramic nail and a quartz nail. Then just choose your temperature setting, dab your oil and cover it with the carb cap and get toking. This is a fairly simple process with a relatively complicated system. Let’s see how it works and what it is.

The Ins and Outs of your Dr Dabber

The Boost is not the most complicated dabber. But, none are easy if you are a newcomer. So, as always I strongly suggest you take the time and read the user manual from cover to cover. This will save you from wasting your hash oils and cut down on your costs from hospital visits.

Once you have charged up ( with the USB charger – I love that ) you simply take the glass percolater and put about a 1/4 inch of water, click the button 3-5 times depending on the nail you are using (Read the Guide) and wait for the LED indicator to turn blue. It sounds easy. It is not always the case. Dab rigs can be a bit complicated. This is, or at least it was for me, a trial and error process. But, don’t let it get you frustrated too easily. You will find it was well worth the effort once you get it going.Dr Dabber Boost Review

It takes about 30 seconds to get up to temperature. And this thing can cook. We are talking over 600 degrees. The heater then turns off. You will know when the light indicates that the unit is ready and you are off to the races. If this is your first go at dabbing have a friend show you the ropes. Do this. And, your road to enjoyment will be greatly shortened.

Dr Dabber Boost Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, The Boost is a nice water filtration portable dab e-rig for wax and oils. I find it all a bit cumbersome, especially outside the house. I guess it is a trade off and will depend on the individual. A vape pen will not live up to the Dr Dabber as far as vapibility goes. However, I prefer less compication in my life. It is bigger. And it is less portable.

Also, the cost is as much as $199.99 dollars. I have bought very good quality vape pens for around $29-$49 dollars. So, I guess I will take a pass on Doctor’s orders for now. Get yourself a desktop for home. Get a vape pen for road trips. And, keep it simple. In conclusion, The Boost is a very good dab rig. It is just not for me. Don’t let my picky nature turn you off. Dr Dabber is a great company. As always, thank you my friends and happy vaping.