Doughnut Marijuana Edibles Review

Chocolate Raspberry Doughnut Bliss

Tired of bacon and eggs every morning? It is time to let Strictly Edibles spoil you and get your day going in the right direction. How you ask? Well, our Chocolate Raspberry Doughnut Marijuana Edibles Review will explain it in full. Doughnuts, people. It’s all about the doughnuts, 600mg of THC packed doughnuts. It doesn’t get any better than that.

In a time where there are new, interesting and innovative ways to ingest cannabis, it is so refreshing to know that a good ole standard rises above the rest. One of the many things that I really like is that I can have cannabis for breakfast. For me, that’s the best high of the day. I wake up grumpy and aching everyday. The days of being miserable at work all day are behind me. I used to have to wait until 5 or 6 o’clock when I got home to fire up the bong. It made for a miserable existence.

Now I jump out of bed, grab my coffee thermos and slowly munch down about a quarter of one doughnut. These chocolate raspberry bad boys are deadly strong. One doughnut packs 200mg. If you are new to the medical edible world I can tell you right now that 50mg will knock just about anyone for a loop.

This is one of those potent treats that I recommend serious caution with when using for the first time. As it is a morning edible, you will absolutely want to try this on the weekend. If you have any kind of job that is hazardous, tread slowly my friends. Or you might find yourself unemployed.

Doughnut Marijuana Edibles ReviewChocolate Raspberry Doughnut Marijuana Edibles Review

Basically, if you love doughnuts, you will be a fan. If you like to get a good strong indica based high, you will love these. And finally it’s a dark chocolate raspberry doughnut. What else do I need to say?