Double Dream is A sativa dominant hybrid mix of Blue Dream and Dream Star. This unique blend that lives up to it’s name with a dreamy buzz. Mentally invigorating is how I would describe this fine herb. Cannabis lovers will enjoy the cerebral uplifting effects. The happy herbage is great for social situations and the all you can eat buffet with salad bar. It also spurs on creativity. You will see in this Double Dream Review how it got me out of quite a pickle as it were ! 

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Double Dream Review

After 3 years of working at the Klearview eyeglass manufacturing company in the accounting department, I was in need of a change. My co-workers clearly had some emotional and mental issues.

In the the cubicles surrounding me were conglomerate of crazies. Mertle Beeksworfth to my left with her explosive flatulence, Ricky Bunton to my right with 450 hundred pounds blubber infused body odor. 


Moreover Christy Crunchly’s cubicle was in front and imitated tropical birds all day. Also my eyes were sore from looking at the computer all day. Because of this I think I need glasses. So I had had enough and I asked to be transferred to manufacturing after talking it over with my wife and toking some Double Dream.

I was put to work in the maintenance of the lens grinding machine. Because of this I have never looked the same. So the hopper was jammed, I fell in, and the machine started and I made a spectacle of myself ! I had a toke of Double Dream before writing this. So it did the trick if you have gotten this far !

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Stress reliever

So besides leaving you with a uplifted euphoric feeling this super fine hybrid is used in the medical field. Such uses include treatment fot depression, stress, pain. headaches and fatigue.

This is one cannabis that is high on my list of favorites. Highly recommended!!!