Time to put that fat puppy on a diet. I know he’s cute. And you like to give him cookies. But come on look at the poor thing he barley drag his butt across the floor. Now you can satiate those puppy cravings with our Dog Bones Marijuana Edibles Review. Let Spike chew on some good medical edible bones. These high potency chews are grain free goodness and cannabis that works wonders on suffering pets.

Dog Bones Marijuana Edibles Review 1Treat-ibles has a great line of medication that is not only a healthy treat for your dog’s teeth and body but also CBD rich medication that relives pain. Many pets suffer from anxiety, especially with age and breed. CBD calms them down and relaxes old tired muscles. It works the same in us. Cannabis is superb for cancer pain and trauma. Also, CBD relieves anxiety and helps with depression, sleeping issues and digestion.

My dogs have all died terrible deaths. Many of them suffered needlessly. However medical cannabis was not readily available for us humans never mind our beloved pets. All old dogs have sore bones. CBD takes that pain and swelling and aching away. Zeppy, my Black Lab, had constant aching and twitching after he turned about 9 years old. Well, he hung on until 14 the poor little guy. It hurts to look back and think I could somehow have helped him. And he would beg and moan for me to help. I cried many times for him. But as sad as it was, at least it never has to happen to any of the dogs I have now. Because you now have Treat-ibles.

Dog Bones Marijuana Edibles Review

Treat-ibles offers two different strength dosage options. For smaller dogs they offer 3 mgs of THC chews. And for larger dogs they offer a 7 mg chew. Dogs are no different than humans when it comes to chronic pain. Moreover, cannabis has the same healing affect on them that it does for us. A suggested dose would be around 1 mg for every 10 pounds of dog you got. So if fluffy is a medium size dog of around 40 pounds it is safe to give him 3 or 4 bones in a short time. And just like humans you will figure out what dosage works for him to maintain relief a pain free existence.

Treat-ibles are safe for your dog. Also they are non-toxic and all natural. So get that dog up and barking tommorow. And together the 2 of you can enjoy the twilight of little buddy’s life. Sit out on the deck for many more summer nights together. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. So, let your dog eat CBD chews and make a better world for both of you.