Doctor Kush ReviewDoctor Kush is a Nice mellow Indica that will leave you couch locked. I like to use this in the evening when I have nothing much to do except veg out and watch the boob tube or listen to music. This strain has high CBD levels. Also fairly low THC levels. The buds are of medium size. Spicey with a earthy aroma is quite nice in my opinion. I will explain how this relaxing herb helped me with anxiety in this Doctor Kush Review.

Doctor Kush Review

Because of my connections in the business world and having a reputation for adventure. The Puffy Marshmallow Company approached me with a proposition that I could not refuse. There was stunt being presented at Niagara Falls. I was was to be inserted in a giant bag of Puffy marshmallow’s and and go over the falls and hopefully live. Of course I agreed because of both my love for Niagara Falls and marshmallow’s. Especially the Puffy brand. Moreover this was going to be a live televised event with millions of viewers. I insisted on going over on the Canadian side because of my Canadian heritage. The day of the event I was a bit nervous to say the least. I toked some Doctor Kush. My anxiety level dropped dramatically.


Now I was ready to make history. So I buried myself in a huge bag of multi colored marshmallow’s. With the help of the bikini clad beautiful Puffy girls. With a drum roll and the cameras rolling the girls pushed me into the river. Aroma of the tasty treats was overwhelming and I did have the munchies from the herb so I ate quite a few. Not to much though to jeopardize the integrity of the bag. All went well and it was actually fun flying over the falls and bouncing in the bubbly mist below. Much more relaxing than I thought. Doctor Kush certainly helped me relax.