Dixie Dew Drops Marijuana Edibles ReviewDon’t kiss her yet. Put a few fresh spearmint Dixie Drops  on your tongue. Then give her the best kiss of your life. The innovators over at Synergy design the best breath freshener you will spray into your mouth. If you looking for the fastest and freshest way to ingest THC let us spray our Dixie Dew Drops Marijuana Edibles Review all over you.

Do let Dixie drop in and change your coffee mouth into a minty mouth ready for a kiss. And at the same time let the blast seep into your blood stream. You will want to kiss someone right away. If you kiss quickly enough you can share not only an invigorating kiss, but some THC with your partner. If it’s a good kiss you will both feel affects before unlocking mouths.

However, if you’re more like me, on the go and just want a discreet and fun way to get high then blast away. I really like the discretion. I am big on my privacy and cannabis use. It’s not anyone else’s business. So, I like the ease with which I can control my day. I no longer need to hide cookies and brownies in the cooler and hope to God that one of my fellow employees doesn’t eat it by mistake. Now I am in total stealth mode. And I smell great.

Dixie Dew Drops Marijuana Edibles ReviewDixie Dew Drops Marijuana Edibles Review

Drops fall under the sublingual family of medical edibles. This is because the method is absorption as opposed to digestion. One benefits is the speed of relief you experience. It is more or less instantaneous. So, this is super if you’re stressed or having an awful day.

But it is even better if you suffer any kind of pain. A few drops and say good bye to chronic pain. For that reason I highly recommend sublinguals. I did a review for a similar product called Canna Crystals which you can read about at this link https://420.reviews/canna-crystals-marijuana-edibles-review/.

Choose between a 100 mg per bottle with a 3 mg dropper. Or the larger size that comes with 300 mgs of THC and a 10 mg dropper. It all depends on your cannabis needs and how bad your breath is. Freshen up the soul and the mouth with a few quick drops and you will be whistling Dixie, Dixie Dew Drops that is. Enjoy.