Are you a dirty boy? Then you want will some Dirty Girl. This Sativa dominant hybrid is THC loaded at over 20%. And its guaranteed to satisfy you, as any Dirty Girl should. Dirty girls know what they want and will do anything to get it, But they are always worth it. And so is this strain. I am certain our Dirty Girl Strain Review will make you feel the same way. But user, you‘re warned. Dirty Girl is not for everyone. Only a real man can handle a really Dirty Girl.

I was not looking for anything special when I went to the library that Friday. It was cold and the streets were a slushy snowy mess. However, I needed to get some research done and did not have what I needed at home or online. So, as I ruffled through the newspaper files of the 1950s minding my own business, I saw her. She looked very demure and serious. She was serious. But she was far from demure. After a 5 minute conversation, we were on our way to her house to get stoned. And I had other plans. But at this point, I had no idea what a Dirty Girl she would turn out to be. But we are here to first talk about the powerful weed strain she introduced me to that rocked my world.

Dirty Girl Strain Review

Dirty Girl Strain ReviewThis Dirty Girl is dirty and powerful. At anywhere from 21%-25% THC, you are going to get high, really high. This 70% Sativa dominant bad girl is a hybrid cross of Cinderella 99 and Arcata Lemon Wreck. Lemon Wreck is a hybrid on the famous Trainwreck. All of these strains possess super strong euphoric properties.

Like waking up to a Dirty Girl this bud is best enjoyed in the morning before heading out. It’s very uplifting and mood altering. And also has a pretty good energy punch. If you are creative this weed will have you writing a symphony. If you’re depressed, forget about it. You will be dancing in the streets. This is a happy strain. Oh, and its super yummy. It has a sweet and fruity taste that is quite pungent. Dirty Girl is very green with white crystals. And its riddled with orange hairs. Have you ever noticed most dirty girls have orange hair?

Dirty Girl Strain Review – Final Thoughts

So, if you want a solid happy buzz that will stay with you for most of the day this Dirty Girl is for you. If you like a fruity yummy strain then Dirty Girl is for you. If you suffer from anxiety or depression then this weed will save your life. And finally, if you’re horny and you want a really dirty girl just go to the library.