Weed Grind 1There are many different traditional ways to grind weed. Sometimes, a nice grinder can be pricey. And your fingers or scissors just don’t get it ground up enough. There are other ways to grind! Here are some tips even for those traditional ways.

– Your Fingers:

Grinding with your fingers can be easy but very chunky. It will be easiest if you have fingernails. But either way you only need to pinch the ganja to let it break apart. The more you pinch the better it will be ground.

– Scissors:

Weed Grind 2Grinding with scissors is a little better than your fingers. This method is easiest if you put the weed in a cup. And use the scissors to cut it up as small as you desire.

– Nut Grinder:

Now this one is my personal favourites. At most kitchenware stores you can find one. A nut grinder has a handle and a cup attached most of the time. Keeping it clean, and grounding it pretty nicely.

– Coffee Grinder: 

Weed Grind 3Coffee grinders come electronically or mechanically. A mechanical coffee grinder is very similar to a nut grinder. However, a electronic coffee grinder has to be the easiest grinding you can do. And the most consistent method!