Hashish, commonly known as hash, is the concentration of resin from the sap crystals of the courser buds. You are then left with a more condensed and more powerful THC product. It does not take much to get you stoned with hash. Hash comes in chunks and vary in pliability including oil. Spreading hash oil on a rolling paper produces a superb joint. It should be noted that there are different hashish types worldwide, so let’s look at them!

Different Hashish Types Worldwide

Laced hash has a certain amount of opium mixed in and usually comes from Afghanistan. Although you may feel extremely euphoric you have to remember that opium is a narcotic. If the hash is very black it is likely to contain opium. It would be wise to smoke this in moderation. Possibly laced hash could lead to an opioid addiction. This can hit you like a brick even for the most experienced smoker. Another hash I would definitely avoid is Crystal Meta. This contains methamphetamine and can give the user adverse side effects such as elevated blood pressure and heart rate.


 Nederhash is a wonderful hash from the Netherlands. This has packs a real punch due to it’s hydroponic origin. If you happen to visit Amsterdam this fine product will not be hard to find. The Dutch are very inventive and use a tumbling device called a “pollinator’. This device uses the whole plant, including stems and seeds to break loOse the precious THC crystals, and very important resins. Nederhash is very fresh and produces an outstanding high.

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan hash is probably the best tasting, with the least amount of processing. The hash produced in the high mountains is sought after vociferously. This method entails crushing and mashing the herb in a stone basin. The thick resin then gets scraped away. Then this is compressed in between to pieces of cloth. Left to dry, it is then broken into pieces to be smoked. This type of hash is unheated and connoisseur’s have agreed it is one of the sweetest forms of hash.


Kif  pronounced Keef by most western people. It’s a hashish that comes from the Middle East. The method of the construction of this popular hash has it’s own unique way. The marijuana buds are gently rubbed against a screen. Extracting THC coated crystal produces the vital ingredients. They are then collected in a pan. And then they are then mashed into a paste then dried into thin blocks. The resulting Kif is then crushed into a powder and then sprinkled on buds or mixed with tobacco. It is popular in Europe to mix marijuana and hash with tobacco. In North America however most people will only smoke it pure or mixed with cannabis.

Hash Buds

Hash Buds are the result of cutting freshly grown bud’s, trimming them when they are still very moist. Then placing the weed in a sealed plastic bag. And kneading the buds until they turn into a black pasty glob. The heat from your hands actually breaks down the crystals and releases the THC. After the paste thickens, you can remove some and roll it around in your hands. Slowly the Hash Buds become harder as the moisture is released. Now would be a good time to have a fresh smoke.

It’s best to leave the remaining hash out on a cookie sheet to dry. If not, it tends to grow moldy if left in the bag. Always make sure to avoid moldy hash as it can be detrimental to your health. A good hash will be a great addition for anyone who likes a great powerful high. So try some of the many Different Hashish Types Worldwide and have a better day!