Devil's Lettuce Marijuana Strain ReviewDevil’s Lettuce, also known as the Devil’s Fruit is one diabolical strain. It is 70% Indica and has numerous medical benefits. So, if you’re already in Hell, you need to come say hello to the Devil. This stuff will make you forget all your sins. Let our Devil’s Lettuce Marijuana Strain Review drag you into Hades. It s not so bad here.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Why behave all your life and miss all the fun? Only to then go to Heaven to bow down on your knees and thank God for an eternity for letting you serve him. Why does he need so much ass kissing? He must have very low self esteem. I find it odd that an all powerful and loving God would need to be told how great he is so often.

So I am all about the Devil, always have been. I like misbehaving. I enjoy being naughty. Half the fun of smoking weed when I was 15 years old was hiding behind the school with the bad kids. And I remember my Mom always saying, “Idle time is the Devil’s time.” Oh, if she only knew. I smoked weed pretty much every single day of high school, ( On a separate note, I wish we had Drones back then)! The only time we didn’t smoke was when we couldn’t get any.

Devil’s Lettuce Marijuana Strain Review

Devil's Lettuce Marijuana Strain ReviewDevil’s Lettuce is a hybrid of Shiskaberry and Great White Shark. It is mostly known for its high CBD levels. High levels of CBD mean less high sensations. This is ideal for the elderly and medical patients that want relief from pain but not to lose their minds.

This strain is originally from Spain. The taste is both spicy and sweet at the same time. Medicinally The Devil is a good friend. All sorts of body pain and chronic conditions are treated with the Devil. So, you can pray all you all you want. But it won’t help.

Devil’s Lettuce Marijuana Strain Review -Summary

The Devil does not wear Prada. The Devil is your new medicine in a Godless world. Priests and doctors will not help your pain or your life. But the Devil will. They have known it all along. Now you do. Go make friends with the Devil. He’s not so bad!