Destroyer Marijuana Strain ReviewMay the Force be with you. Let our Destroyer Marijuana Strain Review destroy you, if you like getting “destroyed.” And if a 23% THC level strain doesn’t do it, you may need to look for something stronger in a galaxy far far away. Your mind will be on other planets as this is an almost 100% pure sativa strain. So, say Bye Bye to this plane of reality. And sail away on an intergalactic adventure of your creation.

I was too young to be stoned at the first Star Wars movie. But we got good and stoned when I saw the destroyer in the Empire Strikes Back. I was 16 years old I think. And although I was young I remember it  clear as the sun that shines on Tatooine. This as the dark side destroyed Luke Skywalker and cut off his arm and left him for dead. I remember cheering as the bad guys won and the movie ended. That blew my mind. So did the weed.

Destroyer Marijuana Strain Review

Destroyer Marijuana Strain ReviewDestroyer is a destroyer of all that is wrong with universe. If you have worries, depression or stress you need not fret. All will be rectified with a couple hits of this astoundingly powerful hybrid. Cannabiogen brought together the darkside and the power of the force when they crossbred Meao Thai and an unknown Mexican and Columbian sativa to save the universe.

Users of Destroyer claim out of body type highs. I like that. If you want total escapism from reality this is your type of strain. This is very pure sativa. Few strains pack THC like Destroyer. So, the high is powerful and unique. For this reason it won Top 10 strains in High Times on 2008. And it still stands up today.

Basically destroyer is in my opinion, a strain for laughing and good times. And that’s why I smoke. If you like hanging out with the boys, watching movies and being goofy then this is a perfect weed. Have a great day. And may the Force be with us all.