Destiny Review by Hero Love Bongs

Being a happy smoker toker, I have realized that using a bong is still my favourite. The vaporizer and THC cartridges work well, but for me, a nice flavorful draw from a bong gives me the best results. There is a plentiful variety of bongs to choose from with different styles and performance. Personally, I have owned quite a few. Finally, I have come across a bong that meets all my needs.

Destiny Review – Innovative

Hero Love Bongs are at the forefront of style and performance with the Destiny model. Destiny incorporates a series of percolators that filter the smoke for maximized purity. The smoke first is drawn through a heart-shaped honeycomb percolator and the rises to be filtered again through a coil percolator. The coil percolator filters even more particles for even a cleaner, smoother final draw.


smoke through this bong leaves the resulting smoke as particle and tar free as possible. Many other bongs on the market do not have any filters. This results with the majority of tar (but not all) removed in the bong water. The Destiny bong optimizes filtering to a new degree with its system of percolators.

Destiny ReviewHealth

Tar is the main detrimental ingredient. Almost three times the level of cigarette smoke. Tar reduction is very important to your health. There are numerous carcinogenic chemicals and irritants in tar. This can lead to a variety of respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, emphysema. Also, cancers of the lungs and throat have been linked to cannabis smoke. These conditions are greatly exasperated with the addition of cigarette smoke.

Form & Function

This is the reason I did my research and found the Destiny with its efficient filtration system for the reduction of tar levels. Moreover not only is the Destiny a healthwise quality bong but is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Combining form and function this bong will be a conversation piece, making your friends even more friendly! The Destiny is 36cm/14 inches high and comes in 4 colours, Ice Blue, Arctic White and Signature Shield (clear). I love the very smooth draw and knowing this product has your important health in mind.