Derby Peanut Butter Cups Marijuana Edibles ReviewIt was only a matter of time that some genius would incorporate peanut butter, chocolate and THC. Well, that genius is Derby Bakery. They are not only the best tasting candy treat on Earth, they are an incredibly powerful 60 mgs each, WOW! Just when I thought the wonderful world of medical edibles could not possibly get any better this happens. So, unbuckle your belt, loosen your pants and check out this sweet little Derby Peanut Butter Cups Marijuana Edibles Review.

There is no better candy than the world famous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Well, Derby Bakery set out to match quality and taste in this latest confectionery creation. And they have succeeded with bells and ribbons. Now I don’t know what, if any, awards they have won. But my guess is they have already. And if not, they will soon.

My two favorite indulgences are yummy sweets and getting high. The fact that THC can be infused into a peanut butter chocolate treat just blows my mind. My only real issue is the fact that these bad boys are strong, and I mean strong. I ate an entire cup, which are not all that big. Then, I was couch locked for hours. I watched the entire movie “Suicide Squad.” The next morning I could barely remember a thing. I guess the next time I see it, it will all be new and fresh.

Derby Peanut Butter Cups Marijuana Edibles ReviewDerby Peanut Butter Cups Marijuana Edibles Review

Buy a package and you will get 4 cups. So we’re talking 240 mgs of THC. If you are familiar with medical edibles then you know that is a whole bunch of THC. The manufacturers hail from the Sonoma County of California. Moreover they only use locally grown, organic ingredients. They care about their products. And they care about you.

There are many different, new and exciting edibles that come out each day. I love many of them. But come on, a peanut butter cup? It doesn’t get any better. What more could you ask for?

My only advice would be to be extremely careful. 60 mgs is way too powerful. If you eat an entire cup you may want to stay home. I get high as a kite off 20 mgs. Enjoy the pure incredible bliss and let me know what you thought.