Death Star ReviewDeath Star is a Sativa dominant strain which is about 70% Sativa and 30% Indica with it’s origins from the Diesel lineage. This bodacious bud is a very potent herb indeed with a THC level at around 20%. I like to think of this as an all around herb. Good for daytime or nighttime. A novice should take heed for this happy herbage packs quite a punch. A definate mood enhancer this will make you shine away the doldrums. Just a couple of hits of this ganja will make any troubles you have more understandable. Sometimes for me will help me see things in a different light and help me deal with them. Death Star is one of my and my friends favorites as you will see in this Death Star Review.

Death Star Review

I was at one of lowest times of my life. I had lost everything of importance to me. Since I was a homeless bum on the streets I was to embarrassedĀ  to see my kids. Only when I could find some nice clothes and shave. Murphy’s law had hit me with an uppercut and knocked me out both physically and mentally. I got a job as a dishwasher and on my first day I slipped and broke both arms. I wandered the street’s with my arms outstretched with cast’s like a hopeless outcast Frankenstein.

Just imagine what you can’t do ? So was staggering along one day when I met an old blind haggard beggar who gave me bus fair. I thanked him. I got off at Fleegle and 27th and found $10 on the seat beside me. This seat was previously taken by a circus performer by the name of the Atomic Sponge. Strange indeed was this fellow. Sometimes during our brief conversation he would be no bigger than a box of matches. Sometimes a giant marshmallow.


Anyway he was careless with his money. I now had moolah. I changed it into two fives and gave $5 to the first person I saw. He was a multi millionaire posing as a derelict who was hiring the first person that showed kindness and gave him something . So gave him my last few tokes of Death Star. That was me ! Now I can help others to. Awesomeness to the 9th degree I would say, as it were ! Remember your luck can change in an instant. Never give up !

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