I have truly died and gone to Heaven. And what a death is is. A Death Bubba Blue God Review to be exact. Getting high will never be the same, or better. One magical sphere packs a punch unlike anything you have ever smoked. This is strong medication and potent fun all rolled up in a little ball that will have you dancing in the moonlight. So, let’s see how much goodness goes into each Godly sphere.

Death Bubba Blue God Review – Godlike Orbs

Death Bubba Blue God Review 1So, what goes into each sphere? Well, let’s start with Death Bubba. Death Bubba is a flower rosin. Rosin a super cool extraction process that combines high pressure and heat to instantly squeeze out pure THC from the flower. Then, there’ s the Blue God. Blue God is another powerful indica strain that get minced. But I think that needs no scientific explanation.

So, then what? Well, you take the purified Death Bubba flower rosin and combine it with the minced Blue God. But it doesn’t end there, no sir-e. They make a full melt bubble hash out of the Blue God that coats the sphere. All I can say is that if this thing doesn’t get you high, you probably died a few years ago and haven’t realized it yet. Otherwise, welcome to the Stratosphere!

Stratös Spheres and Beyond

These Spheres have enough terpenes to take you well beyond the Stratosphere and back. But it’s the THC that powers the warp speed engines on this spaceship We are talking about 43% THC. Say goodbye to planet Earth. The mad scientist at Gronlabb have created my favourite new way to get high, by far. And for around $40 dollars you can get a little tin that holds about 4 spheres. Check out their website. It is incredibly precise and informative. All of the scientific data and analysis is available for your viewing and educational needs. So, our Death Bubba Blue God Review get two astronomical thumbs up! I loved everything about this product.