sexy blondie glassesDe Verdamper is one of the most unique smoking machines you will ever see or use. Today’s De Verdamper Vaporizer Review focuses on this oversized futuristic vaporizer. Combustion has now become the purest way to burn marijuana. This method burns only the pure ingredients. In this manner you eliminate the burn. And and at the same time you get not only a smoother hit but a stronger and more powerful high.

This crazy Dutchman named Evert spent years developing bongs and vaporizers before he fine tuned his masterpiece. I can assure you that you have probably never seen anything as crazy or large in your life. This is not a toy for the kids or the newcomer to the wonderful world of pot smoking.

De Verdamper Vaporizer Review

This tall vaporizer combusts marijuana at close to 400 degrees. It comes in two sizes, 15 and 18 inches. This does not include the heating element which makes the thing a towering and impressive unit. Evert came up with the design after many trials with a bong and a hot paint stripping machine. He realized if he could get the right combination of heat and pathway the smoke would be so pure that the high would be energetic as opposed the tiring affects that usually accompany marijuana smoking.

sexy blondie readingDe Verdamper is one complicated machine. In fact it comes with an extensive user’s manual. The first part of the instruction manual explains that this vaporizer is the most powerful way to smoke. And that it’s highly recommended you take it slow at first. Even the most experienced smoker will find themselves higher than they expect on very little marijuana.

De Verdamper Vaporizer Review – Specifiictions

The actual usage complicates the process. So, for that reason you will want to read the manual from cover to cover. You may even need to read it twice. You get a 220v heating element, with both European and American adapters. It comes with safety features and valves. There are brushes and grease that come to help assist in the tube connecting needed.

Finally, I find this to be very complicated. And it’s a difficult manner in which to smoke marijuana. I do however appreciate the end result. So my review’s a bit of a mixed bag. The cost is over $400 dollars. So, in my opinion this is for a really experienced smoker who is looking to impress his friends. However, it is a bit much for my budget and my patience.