DC OG Marijuana Strain ReviewAll hail the Chief, and welcome to DC., our DC OG Marijuana Strain Review that is. DC is a 26% THC powerhouse that works great for both Democrats and Republicans. You will easily cast your vote for this pure indica strain. It is your constitutional right to break out a big bong and let DC OG ring the bells of Freedom.

This strain is your strain. This strain is my strain. From California right into my lungs. Reach across the isle and embrace one of the most powerful strains known to mankind. A pure indica is very rare. When you add a potent level of THC you get a high unlike any that you have ever felt in your life.

I went to DC recently for the inauguration of our new President, Mr Trump. I voted for him too. I’m kidding. But I had you worried there didn’t I? No, I did not go. I would never participate in such lunacy. I do not believe in the USA government in any way, shape or form. The one thing I do believe however is that they certainly do not give a sweet shit about me or you. What I really believe is that I want another hit of DC OG.

DC OG Marijuana Strain Review

DC OG Marijuana Strain Review

God Bless America and the red, white and blue, like he has this 26% THC monster strain. This is the strongest body high you can feel. The pure indica will put you in a state of complete relaxation. You will be so mellow your ability to speak and read will be equal to that of George Bush.

The taste is more Obama-esque though. It is a sweet chocolate smooth taste and aroma. Any sort of mental issues are treated successfully with DC OG. Also, chronic pain and cancer patients find wonderful relief.

So, if you’re ready to filibuster, take the floor, spark up a fat joint and let DC OG do the rest. You can pledge allegiance to these beautiful buds. This land is your land. This land is my land. This Strain was made for you and me. God Bless. And God Bless the United States of America. Oh, and this remarkable strain, too.

DC OG Marijuana Strain

Price Varies
DC OG Marijuana Strain


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


9.5 /10

Medicinal value

9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Pure Indica
  • Huge THC
  • Medical Value
  • Taste


  • Very Potent
  • Couch Locking
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Peter is originally from Boston, a huge New England Patriots fan, and a father and husband. Peter now lives in the Caribbean and has been known to kick back with some weed and cervesas and play a little island guitar.