Dankstop Glass Chillums ReviewI decided to do a Dankstop Glass Chillums Review for a couple of reasons. First, I like Dankstop products. Because, everything I have bought or tried from their line of products has been solid and quality built. And secondly, I really wanted to do a review of an affordable product. There are tons of reviews out there of expensive and high end products. But there are very few reviews for products under $10 bucks. I guess it makes sense.

You can buy something to smoke up your dry herbs for around 5 or 10 dollars. If it ends up being an inferior product, you can simply put it in the trash and forget about it. The same is true for the oposite. If you end up getting a great deal and love your small purchase, you got lucky and probably don’t dwell on it for very long, nevermind start raving about it and writing reviews. Well, that’s what you guys have me for. I am going to review a cool little Chillum that costs $9.99.

Dankstop Glass Chillums ReviewDankstop Glass Chillums Review

Most importantly, we should start by saying that this is a just a simple glass pipe. And, there are no tricks or gimmicks here. It reminds me of the standard straight glass pipes back in the 1970s. Dankstop has manufactured some very attractive Fumed Glass Color Accented Pipe. And that is about it. Oh, there is a nice big glass bowl, too.

In conclusion, the thing I like most about this sweet little glass portable, aside from the cool fumed colors, is the thickness. This bad boy is heavy. Also, it is really thick. It is thick Borosicate glass to be specific. And they come in 3 colors. Therefore, no two are exactly alike. I like that. So, there’s two important features in a decent portable glass pipe. One, It is thick, meaning it is durable and not fragile. And two, it looks great. Finally, what more do you want for 10 bucks?