Dank Sinatra Strain ReviewFly me to the moon. Well, this Dank Sinatra Strain Review will do just that, kid. You know that Frank was a big pot smoker. Although in his time it was very uncouth, highly illegal and would have been career suicide should it have become public knowledge.

He once came back from Cuba with a suitcase under his arms and walked straight through customs officials without issue. Why? Because he was Frank Fucking Sinatra, that’s why. And he does it his way. This Dank Sinatra will get under your skin. And it will have you wrapped around my finger. In case you haven’t already figured it out this review will be loaded with lyrics from the Sinatra Song Catalog. See how many you can peg, Kid. So, I ve already dropped a half a dozen and theres more where those came from. If you want a really great high from a really great weed strain Come Fly with Me. Opps, I did it again. ( OK that was a Brittney Spears joke for you youngsters out there). Well then, let’s get on with the show shall we?

Dank Sinatra Strain Review

Dank Sinatra Strain ReviewIt was a very good year when Dank Sinatra came to town. This is some of the most powerful stuff on the planet. Don’t believe me? How does this sound? Its 70% Indica and the THC level is a whoppping 33%. This stuff will have you over the moon. It is a very cerebal high. Users feel lazy and sluggish. So I would strongly recommend this only to heavy users or the most experienced amongst you. Mostly, this aint no high school shit. You smoke this before school and you might be looking at your last day there.

In closing, this is one of the weirdest looking buds I have ever seen. I think every color under the rainbow is represented here. And the stuff is dank. Hence, the name. Therefore, it actually makes it tough to smoke. You need this stuff to dry out really well. Then grind it up really well. And trust me the Best is Yet to Come.

Dank Sinatra Strain Review

Don’t be a Stranger in The Night. Get this weed and say Goodbye to your Problems.