Damn Sour Marijuana Strain ReviewDamn Sour is a damn good strain. It’s powerful and pungent. Basically it’s everything I look for in a strain. Our Damn Sour Marijuana Strain Review brings you a very powerful THC, sativa dominant flower that will excite your senses.

I know a lot of people do not care for pungent strains. But I do. I like blowing out heavy clouds of flavorful happiness. Nothing brings me more joy than a stinky living room. When I have a strain that really packs a flavor punch I always enjoy using a decent bong or water pipe. I have a couple new great ones that you might want to learn about as well.

I recently got a Frito Glass Banger and a Deluxe Bubbler from Elevate Accessories. I have written reviews for both. You can follow the respective links here https://420.reviews/frito-glass-banger-hanger-rig-review/ and https://420.reviews/deluxe-bubbler-bong-review/. Either way you smoke Damn Sour you will certainly enjoy the effects.

Damn Sour Marijuana Strain Review

Damn Sour Marijuana Strain Review

I love sativa dominant strains. And this one is 80% sativa. I smoke recreationally so sativas are generally my favorite strains. And since I like to get high and have fun I like THC. So, this strain is perfect at 22% THC.

The pungent flavor comes from the breeding of the famous Sage and Sour Strain. So, you know you’re going to really taste this stuff. Also, you’re going to feel it. And I mean feel it right away. Sour Damn is very uplifting and creates awesome euphoria. I find I am actually able to focus. And I don’t get tired.

The flavor is pungent but gives a really wicked throat hit. Sour Damn is infamous for it’s harshness. This is another reason I really like to use water filtration. I have a sensitive throat to begin with. So, adding a harsh hit is very unpleasant for me.  But the nice thing is I only need a couple of hits to have a Damn good day.