To begin, Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates, is this a concept that is new to you? Dabbing marijuana concentrates is by far my preferred method of smoking marijuana. When I smoke dry herb, I find I get a come down. So about two hours after I smoked, I’ll get a head fog and get super tired. Now when I choose the method of dabbing concentrates marijuana concentrates over smoking dry herbs. There is no come down, no head fog or overall exhaustion experienced. And what a welcome experience that is! After all, I smoke all day. So to experience any negative side effect is not tolerable, I have things to do. That however’s just my personal experience. Check out how the process of dabbing marijuana concentrates, give it a go yourself and see if you have just as pleasant of a time as mine!

Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates – What’s Needed?


1. Concentrate

First off! There are a couple key tools/ingredients needed to dab marijuana concentrates. The most important ingredient being a “Concentrate”. Concentrates that are suitable for dabbing include; Rosin, Shatter, Crumble, Budder (not to be confused with marijuana “butter”) and BHO. BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil and is the most common concentrate used with dabbing rigs.

2. Water Bong

Second item on the checklist for dabbing marijuana concentrates is a “Water Bong”. A special bong isn’t necessary as any water bong will do! Simply take the bowl pieces out of the bong and replace them with the appropriate dabbing pieces. Therefore, any water bong can turn into a dabbing rig!

3. Nail

That being said, one of the dabbing pieces used to turn a water pipe into a dabbing rig is called a “Nail”.  Ensure that the nail fits the bongs gauge it’s intended to be used with. Nails are usually made out of titanium. However they can be made out of ceramic or quarts as well.



4. Dome

Fourth on the checklist is what’s known as a “Dome”.  A dome’s the piece that encloses the nail after the nail has been heated and the concentrate applied. The whole point of the dome is to encase the vapor before it’s inhaled. Other wise most of the vapor is lost before the user can inhale it.

5. Torch

Fifth on the check list is a “Torch”. The small torches that are used to torch the tops of the dessert Crème brûlée may be used. However, when I dab concentrates I use a mini propane tank torch to heat my nail. Everyday new flameless dabbing rigs are becoming available. That being said, most dabbing rigs still require a torch.

6. Dabbing Tool

Lastly on the checklist. A “Dabbing Tool” will be needed. The dabbing tool’s either a ceramic, glass or metal piece thats used to apply the concentrate to the heated nail.

Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates – What’s Next?

Now that all the necessary tools/ingredients have been collected. Let’s get to dabbing

(No not that weird dance!)

First, prepare the concentrate. Take a tiny amount from the concentrate container. Honestly, half a grain of rice’s probably good! Stick the concentrate on the end of the dabbing tool. Next turn on the torch and point the flame directly at the nail avoiding the rest of the bong. Once the nail is red-hot, the dome will be applied over top the nail. Note that some nails do not require a dome to be applied. These nails are known as “dome-less”. Some nails require a certain “cool down” time after being red hot. Most nails require 10 seconds, while quartz nails require 45 seconds of cool down time before the dabbing tool is applied.

After the nail has been given time to cool down and the dome is on top of the nail. Then, pick up the dabbing tool and apply the dabbing tool directly onto the nail inside the dome. Start to inhale slowly, while carefully rotate the dabbing tool on the nail so that all the concentrate may be vaporized. Exhale all the sweet vapor and relish in the absolutely out of this world crisp flavour a concentrate provides!

In conclusion, do you dab? And what rig set up are you using!? Drop a line below what’s your favourite setup and concentrate to use!