Dabba Chocolate Marijuana Edibles Review“Dabba Dabba Doo.” Dabba Dabba do read our Dabba Chocolate Marijuana Edibles Review. And get to know a powerhouse of a THC bar that would knock Fred Flintstone on his ass. The Dabba has 200mg of rock crushing of THC. It’s pretty easy to see why this Dinosaur of a Chocolate Bar won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. So go check it out for yourself and see if it has you and your friends screaming, “Dabba Dabba Doo.”I love this Colorado based Chocolate Factory. Move over Willy Wonka. And take your creepy Oompa Looompas with you. There’s a new King in town and his name is Dabba. I dabbled in the Dabba. However I dabbled a bit too much, I hate that. Potent edibles get you much higher than when you smoke. So, it’s crucial to take great care when dabbling. I have the terrible habit of over eating when the food is so yummy. And this is one yummy Chocolate Bar.

I ate half. That was a bit of a mistake. I spent 2 hours hiding in my bedroom until I felt human again. Then the high settled in and I had a great night. But I am a daily user. I would suggest 50mg maximum for anyone trying the for the first time. I can guarantee you a solid, strong and long lasting buzz. Honestly 50mg is almost too much. But, you’re going to want more than a nibble.

Dabba Chocolate Marijuana Edibles Review

There are a few good secrets that make the Dabba stand above the competition. Let’s look at a couple. Firstly, is the taste. The hint of mint in the chocolate is brilliant as it masks the cannabis thoroughly. Secondly, is the infusion of the cannabis oil. This further rids the impurities and lets the chocolate burst through in all it’s glory.

Dabba lab tests all their products for quality and consistency. They really are a top shelf medical edibles company. It’s not easy to pull off a THC powerhouse with good taste. Dabba does it. Do the Dabba today and “have a do day. You’ll have a da day. You’ll have a gay old time!”