It is time to check out 7th Floor‘s latest, in today’s Da Buddha Vaporizer Review. This dry herb vaporizer is one of the least expensive desktop vaporizers on the market today. At $189.00 dollars I can pretty much assure you that you will not find anything of this quality at that price. I love a good value. But I do not like to compromise quality when it comes to vaping. I love desktop vaporizers. My Volcano is still going strong after many years. But at $600 plus dollars, I think a newcomer or the occasional vaper really ought to start right here.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review – What is it ?

Da Buddha is a whip style vaporizer that is very affordable. A quick Google search will prove to you in 10 seconds that $189 dollars is as cheap a desktop vaporizer as you will find anywhere. This does not mean however, that you are giving up quality. Are there better models out there? Well, yes of course, if you want to pay double or triple. You do not need to thanks to 7th Floor.

Da Buddha holds the taste and aroma of dry herb better than any other vaporizer in this price range.The craftsmanship is solid. The draw is great. And the unit is well designed, making this a solid investment. Moreover, you get a great 3 year warranty on the heating element. So, you really can not go wrong.

The glass tubes are fragile and are not covered by the warranty. But you find that to be the same with the more expensive models. They do provide a very nice padded carrying case. So, really you should not have to worry. And, as this is not a portable, you would be hard pressed to break it. Just make sure you put it out of reach before the kids come home from school !

How to Use The Da Buddha

Da Buddha Vaporizer ReviewSetup time is very short and simple. Also, the heat up time is fast, taking only 2-3 minutes to get up and running. The DVB has temperature settings that allow you to regulate your vapor and optimize your experience. Surprisingly, the heating element is solid ceramic. The most expensive units all use ceramic these days. While, lesser models generally try to save money on production by using plastic or other cheaper materials. This really impressed me.

The ease of use is another big plus in my book. DBV does not have all the buttons and LED displays like that of most desktops.The whip has a ground glass connection which is also great for hands free vaping. As long as you occasionally stir your herb you will find you have very little problems over burning or clogging the system.

There really is not much else to say about usage or maintenance as the guys at 7th Floor have really streamlined this model with pure simplicity in mind.

Buddha sits peacefully on your desktop and requires very little upkeep.


Da Buddha Vaporizer Review – Worth it or not ?

Da Buddha Vaporizer is well worth the asking price of $189 dollars. In fact, I have not seen, purchased or reviewed many other products in this price range that perform as well as the DBV.Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Above average quality materials like the ceramic heating element and glass tubes make this vaporizer a real quality product. And the value is unbeatable. This desktop vaporizer is designed to look sharp and preform well. It is as simple as that. Should you buy it? Absolutely!

In the words of the Immortal Buddha himself , “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

Treat yourself to Da Buddha today. You deserve it !

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