Today we will shatter all your misconceptions about concentrates in our CSC Shatter Review. One of my favourite pot heads once penned, “The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.” Well, my friends get ready to shatter your loneliness, your depression and anything else that ails you. CSC, Concentrate Supply Company, specializes in shatter and resins. So, if you need your medicine they are ready to help you on your road to health and happiness.

CSC Shatter Review – What is Shatter?

CSC Shatter Review by Concentrate Supply Co. 2Where to begin? Well, if you’re new to the world of shatter you might want to read a few articles and familiarize yourself with the different concentrates and resins. There is actually a lot to learn. But I will briefly provide some tutelage for you in today’s CSC Shatter Review. Shatter is a form of cannabis extract. It looks kind of like broken glass, hence the name. This concentrate is a great way to ingest high potency cannabis. Shatter is not for the faint of heart or the beginner. Best of all it can be vaped. This eliminates the digestion required in medical edibles and the carcinogens of traditional smoking.

Shatter is a concentrate that extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant itself. The process of extraction is comprised of passing solvents through the fresh or cured cannabis. This produces the thick oil that will harden into our shatter. The result is a 90% pure cannabinoid product that can be vaped or smoked.

Shatter Me, Shatter You – This Stuff Rocks

Shatter is not what I really consider a medical application. Although, it is obviously used by patients for a wide range of ailments. However, I find that it is so strong that it is more likely used as a recreational aid. I say that for one reason and one reason alone. This shit will shatter your brain. I dabbed one hit and was about as high as I have ever been in my entire life.

My friends thought it would be a good time to take me to the zoo. So off we went. I spent 3 hours trying to make a penguin talk back to me. I actually believed that he understood me. Until they dragged me away to the snack truck. I never get the munchies. But I sure had a case this day. I ate four cheeseburgers. Then I puked them all up in the back of my buddies Corvette. Oops!

CSC Shatter Review – The Future Has Arrived

CSC Shatter Review by Concentrate Supply Co. 1The days of breaking up buds in a grinder and sparking up the bong are a thing of the past. Science and technology have dramatically changed the cannabis landscape. Concentrates are a much purer form of cannabis than was achievable only a decade ago. Health-wise it is clearly the better choice. Vaping or dabbing your shatter is the least harmful way to ingest you medicine or your recreational THC. Concentrate Supply Company has been winning awards since their inception. This is a well established company that you can trust. Buying concentrates off the Internet from unknown sources can be very dangerous. So, I strongly suggest that when purchasing wax or resins or shatter you use highly touted companies like Concentrate Supply.

Concentrate Supply Company

CSC is a cannabis extraction company based in Denver, Co. They have won more awards than we have time to list today. However, you can feel free to visit their website and see for yourself. Simply click this link See, wasn’t that easy? While there you will notice they also offer bulk discounts and private labeling. This is superb for owners of dispensaries. Not only do they offer great discounts for large orders, they will also put your companies logo and information on their packaging. Check it out today and set your sights on the future. Vape long and prosper!