Critical Mass Review 1Critical Mass is a hybrid Afghani and Skunk #1. The THC level is quite high. Up to 20%. This herb is gaining popularity throughout North America. This ganja gives a great body high and a cerebral buzz to the 9th degree. Robust and a spicy flavour awaits to tantalize your taste buds. A nice skunky aroma fills the room, much to your delight. You will see how much I enjoy this herb in this Critical Mass Review.

Critical Mass Review

Years ago I was the drummer for the heavy metal reggae polka band Temporary Burning Sensations. We were strictly an island band. We would travel from island to island on a our biggest fans super yacht. The big hit  “Stick like Stamp ” had made us famous and very happy indeed. We had money in our pockets and a huge fan base. It was always a massive thrill to pull into a harbour of a Caribbean island with the reggae blasting. We would be sure to toke some fine herb before departure to the nearest beach bar. We would sit back and discuss the set list for the island show. Of course we would always be interrupted for autograph’s. We were happy to be gracious to our supporters’s. Without them we would nothing. Our last show was most memorable at The Castaway Club.

Toke and roll

The club on the beach was packed and we opened with Mustard Melon Momma. The crowd went crazy. I had a hard time seeing the back because of the ganja smoke. At one time I lost my drumsticks. So I had to play with real turkey drumsticks from the kitchen. As luck would have it, it was Thanks Giving weekend. We had a big post party in a giant tree house owned by multi billionaire Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel. Moreover the whole party toked some fine Critical Mass. We are all in agreement that the honey bees of the world must be saved. What a blessed life I live as it were!

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