Call 911. We have an emergency. The situation is critical and so is this strain. You may end up at the ICU if you smoke this 25% THC level indica hybrid. Make sure you have a friend with you as you won’t be able to get off the couch to call the ambulance. Today’s Critical Kush Marijuana Stain Review looks at a crippling weed.

I love to smoke pot. I do everyday, and for lots of reasons. Some of the reasons are medical and most others are recreational. I love a strong strain, as well. However what I really do not like is to be whacked unconscious by too strong a strain. And this is one of those dangerous strains. Trust me. If you try Critical you really need to go slow.

We proceeded to smoke. Things got critical fast. woman neon make up dancing neon light I was a friend’s place. He owns a dispensary. So, he gets the best of the best and the newest releases.

Well, he had decided to break out some of this gorgeous bud. And, of course Lawrence forgot to mention how potent this stuff is. We smoked. And about 15 minutes later you could hear a pin drop. All 5 of us were paralyzed vocally and physically. It took close to a half hour before we could even really have a conversation. Tread lightly my friends, or the situation could get critical.

Critical Kush Marijuana Stain Review

OK, my little pot patients, we are not only talking about THC power. We’re also talking about indica power. Critical is 90% indica. This means an almost zombifying effect on the body. As a result, you will instantly feel electric numbing throughout you’re entire body.

This indica hybrid is the result of crossing Critical Mass and OG Kush. The fine folks at Barney’s Farm set out to knock you on your ass with this creation. And they succeeded tremendously. They also managed to combine the spicy and earthy flavors and aromas of mom and dad. Any strain with this much of an indica dominance is going to by definition be a great medical remedy for pain. Critical aids with just about every sort of body pain.

It makes a great every day treatment for chronic suffers. And also makes a nice night time smoke. Critical will erase the days woes and stresses. Although not for the faint of heart, Critical is a fantastic strain. Just be careful.