Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? The answer is yes! Cannabis is proven to treat such ailments including nausea and headaches. Two very prominent features of a hangover.

Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? – Nausea

One very important relief Cannabis can provide for someone suffering from a hangover is the relief from nausea. Not too familiar with nausea? Perhaps you’ll understand this a bit more, vomiting. How many times have you had an awful hangover that left you hugging the toilet, dry heaving whatever may be still clinging to your stomach. Although it may seem like the hardest task out there. Getting out of bed, or peeling yourself off the bathroom floor I should say. Grabbing your stash and stepping outside for a minute will make all the difference. I myself find complete relief after exhaling that first sweet, sweet hoot. That is after I literally have to drag myself out of bed to go have said hoot. But after that hoot, nausea slowly settles and the world stops spinning and tilting like a fair ride. I’d also like to point out that the feeling of taking a punch to the stomach resides also. But that’s probably not from the alcohol but rather the crappy food I eat when inebriated.

Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? – Headaches

The next positive aspect of using Cannabis to cure a hangover is relief from headaches. Light sensitivity is a very real thing that just shines like a set of high beams on a semi truck. Ouch! When my head gets this way, I like to hold two pillows tight against my head and wish the day would just be over with already. But, that’s not the case and forcing myself to have a hoot is the only thing that soothes the pounding. There have actually been case studies proving that Cannabis can help cure a hangover. Wouldn’t it be fun to participate in one of those studies, get paid to get drunk and then smoke weed! As well there are case studies showing the relief Cannabis may provide for those suffering from migraines. Those test concluded that Cannabis use drastically reduces migraines and their severity.

Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? – Stimulates Appetite

Eating is one of the hardest things to do when you’re feeling like crap. In all actuality, food can make a hungover persons stomach do flip-flops. And the saying that “greasy food” cures a hangover couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, healthier food options are the way to go. What food should a hungover person consume? A hungover person should consume foods like eggs, pickles, avocado, fruits, bread, and plenty of water. If you really want to eat something greasy, best to eat that while your drunk rather than in the morning. Whoever said getting the munchies was a bad thing? Using Cannabis to stimulate your appetite is nothing short of new, but using Cannabis for a hangover -sheer genius!

So there you have it, use Cannabis to cure your next hangover with style and grace!