Cotton Candy Kush Strain ReviewMorgan Freeman digs it. That’s good enough for me. Also, everyone who tries it loves it. It is one of the most popular Indica strains in History. And there are lots of reasons why. Our Cotton Candy Kush Strain Review will hit on a few. But my favorite aspect is the taste. This stuff is Delish! I never had a more yummy sweet taste from smoking weed.

I smoked a lot of good tasting shit in my life long love affair with herb. Mostly, I love the berries. I love Blueberry especially. I like the purples and I dig most citrus strains. But this Cotton Candy tastes like candy to me. Its super trippy to look at too. It looks like a magical kid treat. It almost doesn’t seem real. But, oh yea baby, it is. Thank a kind and loving God for that.

Cotton Candy Kush Strain Review

Cotton Candy Kush Strain ReviewCC is an Inidica. However it is also a 50-50 split with Sativa. The power of this sweet treat is the THC level, as high has 22% at times. She’s a hybrid of Power Plant and Lavender. Those genes then crossed with Afghani and Blueberry. You start to get an idea of where the cool taste comes from.

This stuff reactes on adults the way cotton candy does on kids. You get a super euphoric high and then zombifying crash. This stuff will couch lock your ass. But you will feel super and really chill. CC is a great medicinal strain. Its great for anxiety or stress. This stuff makes you feel like a kid again.

Cotton Candy Kush Strain Review

So, if you want to feel like a kid, laugh like a clown, have a sugary sweet high and feel like you’re on a roller coaster, “Step right up” “For the Greatest Show on Earth!”